World of Watches is a great place to go for a super watch for the man in your life. A great gift for any man is a very nice watch. When you decide to congratulate someone for a promotion, graduation, or even a life event like marriage, a watch is the way to go, especially for a man. You may not, however, know about the type of watch to get for your male friend or mate. While there may be men who still like the challenge of winding their own watch, most prefer the ease of viewing the time of day quite quickly. If at all possible, try to find out how dependent your man is on his time piece or watch. If he uses a cell phone to give him the time, you can simply buy a watch based on designer or style. A lot will also depend on the lifestyle of the man, but if you don't know about the lifestyle, simply knowing the different types of watches can help you to make a better buying decision.


This type of watch has been around for a very long time. It is, therefore, considered classic. This is key if you know the man you're buying the watch for is a classic dresser and prefers a traditional style. These watches provide a great look for events that are business related or professional. You will find the hour and minute hand on the face of an analog watch, as opposed to a digital LCD screen. This is much more suitable, in most people's opinion, for a black-tie event. These watches are considered to be very dependable and run with a quartz system that are usually accurate within a minute of each calendar year.


For guys who are into more of an active, fitness, or modern lifestyle, a digital watch may be the way to go. A digital watch has an LCD display, which stands for "liquid crystal display." The LCD allows you to view the time at a moment's notice. The time is displayed to you in an easy-to-read, numeric format that doesn't require you to view the watch for a longer period of time and calculate the time of day based on the hour and minute hand. Again, this is great for active guys who are living fast-paced lives. These watches don't have the hour and minute hand, and are therefore considered to be of a more modern, futuristic style. These watches are powered by a battery that usually need to be replaced periodically. This can sometimes cause the time to be off when it comes to digital watches. They are great to wear to less formal events like nights out with friends, to the gym or even daily to work. You can also buy watches that have a combination of both digital and analog features, however this watch is also considered more casual than professional when it comes to outfitting yourself for Black-tie occasions events or professional occasions.