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David King Messneger Style Briefcase Bag

Leather Briefcase Bag

Leather messenger bags and laptop computer bags are evolving constantly. Many companies that are designing messenger style bags for men keep in mind that it is only recently, and with the changing technology, that men have started seeking out such new and different styles of bags. In the past, many men carried around hard briefcases, but with the invention of laptops, and their ever decreasing sizes, it is much more popular and practical for men to get a messenger bag. Styles of messenger bags vary, so it is very likely that even the hardest to please man will be able to find a messenger bag that works for him. With so many to choose it is helpful to narrow them down. It should be remembered when shopping that boys and guys like messenger bags as well as men. The following are some of the most popular and sought after messenger style bags available.

Leather Messenger Bags for Laptop Computer

Instead of carrying briefcases full of papers many men have switched to the messenger style bag. Within the messenger style bag there are some varieties that offer leather messenger bags for laptop computers. One really important thing to do before you buy a leather laptop messenger bag is to check its specifications. It is always a let down when you get something home and then it does not fit the laptop. Make sure to check what type of laptop will be going inside of the leather messenger bag. The messenger bags for laptops are usually clearly marked with the size of laptop they fit. You can also try by searching for specific sizes like typing in "17 laptop bag" so you know you are getting results that fit. If you buy a leather messenger style bag for a laptop and it says it holds a 17 inch laptop then you also know that it will fit all the smaller ones as well.

Kenneth Cole and Fossil Laptop Messenger Bags

Kenneth Cole has several leather laptop messenger style bags that look very professional. They are made out of fine leather, come in black or brown, and are just all around very nice looking bags. The leather laptop messenger bags by Kenneth Cole are from the Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag line. Messenger bag prices vary. Kenneth Cole also makes a messenger bag called a flap portfolio messenger style bag. This one creates better portability and makes accessing the items inside the bag easier. They all have adjustable shoulder straps and enough pockets to carry a PDA, smartphone, car keys, and other necessary items.

Fossil has also made some leather messenger style bags. Their leather laptop messenger bags are similar to Kenneth Cole bags. Fossil is an excellent brand that makes attractive, professional leather messenger bags. There are the Fossil EW Racer Messenger bags, Jackson bags, and other styles. Choosing a Fossil messenger style bag is a solid choice. Their options are fine leather sleek or a soft suede appearance, dark colors or lighter tan. With a Fossil messenger bag or a Kenneth Cole messenger either leather laptop bag has padded computer pockets to protect the laptop. These bags also come with very good warranties.

Briefcase Messenger Bag Style

The messenger style briefcase makes it easy to carry your items on the go no matter what. The messenger style briefcases are smart looking. Some of them can carry laptops, but they have their own unique look. The messenger style briefcase usually has a fold over flap closure, a handle on top, and an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. One company that makes these is Scully Leather. Mobile Edge makes a few messenger style briefcases and insist on their workability. Some other brands making messenger style briefcases are Prada, Case Logic, Kenneth Cole, Winn International, and McKlein. Messenger style briefcases for men are very popular and may be the most sought after messenger bag style because it combines the leather laptop messenger bags with the briefcase style.

An amazing messenger style briefcase is made by David King. This messenger style briefcase for men has an optional drop bottom for heavy loads, pockets for organizing work, zipper pockets, an ID window, pen slots, cell phone holder, and much more. It looks nice as well. It is hard to imagine that someone would not like getting one of these as a gift.

Skullcandy Messenger Bag, Convertible Backpack

The Skullcandy messenger style bag is one of the most versatile on the market. It was made with comfort in mind and also as the go-to messenger style bag for those who cannot chose a messenger over the backpack. By snapping a few snaps it can be changed into whatever type messenger bag you want. It has pockets but does not appear to hold a laptop.

Messenger Style Shoulder Bag

Sometimes when you go to pick a messenger style shoulder bag all that you really need is a good shoulder bag, something that can be carried around comfortably when you are on the go. There are plenty of messenger style over the shoulder bags that do not have laptop compartments, but are still perfect for carrying your items from point A to point B. STM messenger style bags for men have just the right amount of room.

One of the best messenger bag brands is Timbuk2. Messenger bags for men by Timbuk2 come in several color and style combinations. You can even give the gift of creating personalized messenger bags because they will make what you want. You can also buy messenger style bags for men as a travel bag. Messenger bags for travel fit just the right amount to serve as a carry on bag. There are also small messenger bags that can hold an Apple iPad, netbook, tablet PC, or Kindle, and so they work great as an iPad bag.

Depending on the company who makes your men's messenger style bag, you are usually getting a lifetime guarantee.

Men's Messenger Bags as Gifts

Messenger style bags for men are great gifts. There are many messenger bags to pick from when shopping. Some men like to have a bag for their personal grooming items, something to grab on the go, or just a nice bag for work. The messenger style bags make great birthday gifts, graduation gifts, promotion gifts, anniversary gifts, and as Christmas presents or other holiday time celebrations. If you know that someone wants a messenger bag, but you are not sure which one to get you have a few options. One is to get a non-expiring Amazon gift card, a card that offers the ability to buy his favorite style from Kenneth Cole to Timbuk2 to Target because Amazon is a secure store for all of them, and more. With multiple delivery options (email, Facebook, print, standard mail) Amazon gift cards give the gift of choice and free the worry over returns. Free overnight shipping on all cards.

The second option is a Timbuk2 custom messenger bag gift card is a good idea. This offer through Timbuk2, one of the oldest messenger bag companies, allows you to buy a gift card that will give the recipient his choice of how the Timbuk2 messenger bag looks, with color choice, style, and all. A Timbuk2 personalized messenger bag is a great gift idea. Any of these gift card choices are just as good as buying a messenger bag, especially if you're a little uncertain of the exact style messenger bag he wants. These are also great when you are buying boys messenger bags because they can be very particular about their bags and the ever-changing styles of youth.