Party dresses usually cost more than day dresses. Plus, you might not have the opportunity to attend a lot of formal events. You can just find one dress that will work for all different kinds of occasions. You can dress the same gown up or down depending on the party. Stores such as and Piperlime carry these fashions.

Step 1: Consider the Events that You Attend Often

This will help determine your color palette. Black and white are staples in evening wear. However, these tones would be inappropriate for a wedding unless the invitation specifics that it's black tie. Instead, you'd want to go with a soft taupe, pale pink or more daring eggplant.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Length

An evening out would usually require a short dress. More formal occasions call for a floor length gown. If you want versatility, then make floor length gowns more casual. You could get a summery maxi style in an inexpensive knit. If you go with a short dress, then make it feel more formal. You can do this with a sleek satin fabric or crystal details.

Step 3: Balance Trendy Materials

Trends can easily date a dress. You can still be fashion forward if you use these details subtly. Lace is a popular material. Look for subtle accents on the sleeves. If you're worried that the pattern will go out of style, then just try chiffon. This gives you the sheer look without the embroidery work. Just find ways to simplify the trends so it's more classic.

Step 4: Consider a Black Dress with Lots of Embellishments

Black is a staple color in the fashion world. This is a color that you can wear for all different occasions and it never seems to go out of style. It can still be fashion forward with lots of sequins. In this case, you might want to go with a shorter version so it isn't too heavy or dated. A more modern style of black dress might feature two leather like fabrics for texture. Black seems more feminine with a vintage silhouette and tulle overlay for femininity.

Step 5: Get a Dress with Belt Loops

Belts allow you to define your waist. You can also totally change the look of your outfit with one accessory. For a day dress, you might want to go with a wide metallic belt. For evening, you could change it out for a skinny black version or a ribbon detail.

Step 6: Find Fashionable Trims and Silhouettes

If you stick with a solid color and shape, you can still bring in trends that will last. A cowl neck is an oversized sweater silhouette that has been popular for decades. Even though it makes a frequent appearance on runways, you can still wear it years from now. Keep popular trims to a minimum such as ruffles. Just go for a tone on tone fabric and one layer of ruffles for a look that will last. This allows you to be fashion forward now and still appear classic later on.