Versatility is important in a women's watch because you might only have one piece. It may have to transition from casual to elegant or day to evening. Retailers like and carry these timepieces.

Consider a Watch Set

A watch set is going to contain one face and multiple bands. You can get several looks from just one timepiece. Look for bands with a lot of variation in color for maximum impact. Most people won't even know that it's the same watch. You could get a leather band for day and a crystal one for nighttime. You can also get interchangeable faces or give these items as gifts. Another watch set includes different plates that fit over the face. This allows you to change up the metal tone.

Pay Attention to the Face

The band can get more attention just because it's a larger piece. If you focus on the numbers, you might forget the background. You might want to go with a crystal face. Then, you can change out the band to make it more casual or elegant. This will match a variety of metal tones. A mother of pearl face has a slight shimmer to it and there are also colorful dyed versions. This is a way to add more importance to a neutral color.

Look at Beaded Bands

A beaded watch band is going to resemble a bracelet. You can stack this with your other jewelry to get a versatile look. It can also have a variety of metal tones and colors in it to match with your other bracelets.

Make Metallic Tones Interesting

A watch should coordinate with all of your jewelry pieces. If you're going for a gold version, then this is a considerable investment. You need to get a timepiece that's versatile enough to last for several years. In this case go for a two tone design so it will go with both gold and silver jewelry. The style of band is really what is going to make a statement. A hugs and kisses pattern features x and o links. This gives a graceful appearance to it. Chevron or wave links look vintage.

Shop for Details

The details are what make your wristwatch stand out. Crystals or diamonds are a classic stone that can coordinate with your engagement ring or cubic zirconia jewelry. This can surround the watch face or just mark the numbers on the actual face. For more of a modern or glamorous effect, find a face made entirely out of crystals.

Buy a Statement Piece

A fashion watch is inexpensive and gets a lot of attention. This might not be neutral. However, as long as it's evocative of your own personal style, it can match a lot of your wardrobe choices. You can really go over the top with a geometric shape plastic band with a retro air. You could also just get a leather cuff bracelet. A more traditional piece of jewelry would be a charm bracelet, but you could have a watch face on it for functionality.