The idea of having a great time in Sin City, means that you have the best possible place to sleep and refresh between the bets. The simple thing of a perfect hotel is that it caters to you and your vacation but the hardest part is knowing how to find the best hotel with your personal situation. Here's how to get the best hotel in Las Vegas on your vacation!

Things You Will Need



Time to search for hotels.

Step 1

The best way to find a great hotel is to know your dates of the vacation. Sometimes you can find some great deals during the middle of the week or even during a lull time. Casinos give some great deals and show offers when they need customers. Coming during this time will be great saving for the wallet.

Step 2

Decide on the budget for your vacation. You may want to bring a set amount of cash to play, but prior to leaving the house, you should know what the costs are and that your budget won't go over. It will also be great to know the costs of your shows, food and even trinkets.

Step 3

The hotels of Las Vegas aren't plain jane. You can have your choice of themes to appreciate your experience even further. Looking to hang with the pirates? Mirage can help! Want to live with the lions? MGM is your stay. Feeling like you need to live in the City? New York, New York might be perfect for you!

Step 4

When you decide on the hotel you will be staying at, consider calling the hotel directly to see if there are additional deals you can appreciate. The hotels can usually offer better than published rates and will only share them if you ask. Las Vegas is about having a great experience, so what you plan will make the difference to have not only a great time, but will be easy on your wallet!

Tips & Warnings

Don't worry when you get to Las Vegas! You're on vacation!