Walking is a popular excercise that is low impact, inexpensive and a great way to improve health. ‚ Just twenty minutes of walking daily can reduce the risk of certain cancers, diabetes, stress related illnesses and more. But walking in the wrong footwear can create problems including joint aches, ‚ bunions and blisters, a sprained ankle and more. Here is how to pick the best women's walking shoes.

Things You Will Need

Women's Walking Shoes

Step 1

Go to the shoe section of a major department store and look at the different women's walking shoes. ‚ Pick up each shoe and flex it. To pick the best women's walking shoes you will want to select a shoe that is flexible. Flexible shoes will work with your foot as you walk. Rigid shoes will not have the "give" of a flexible shoe which could create foot problems.

Step 2

To pick the best women's walking shoes, try on several different pairs to see which feels the most comfortable. Be sure there is room between your largest toe and the end of the shoe to allow for swelling that occurs when you walk.

Step 3

Look for shoes with new technology. This technology shifts your weight over your heels. This will help you stand straighter, tighten tummy muscles, tone thighs and legs and more. ‚ Earth Footwear is a good brand to try.

Step 4

Check the stores return policy and keep your receipt. Wear the shoes indoors for awhile on carpeted flooring to try them out. If they are not comfortable return them and try a different pair. ‚ Keep in mind that walking shoes that do not fit properly can cause injury.

Walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Taking time to pick the best women's walking shoes will help you get the best results. ‚ To learn more about how to pick the best women's walking shoes, check out Earth Footwear.

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