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Gazebos make amazing additions to any yard because they are stylish and practical. Gazebos look outstanding and really add a new dimension to any yard, but they also provide shade and a place to relax. There are a number of different gazebo types out there, and a plethora of ways to add them to your particular landscape. When buying a gazebo, you need to consider a variety of factors.

First, think about how you want to use your gazebo. Some people simply want a small area in which to relax and hide out from the sun. Others prefer a large area to host gatherings and allow children to play. Still others use gazebos for unique purposes, such as placing them over hot tubs to add shade and privacy. The purposes of your gazebo will determine the type you should buy.

Another major factor to consider prior to buying a gazebo is the size. The size of your yard will determine just how large your gazebo will be. If you have a small yard, a small gazebo, usually about six to eight feet wide, is suitable. For larger yards, the choice is yours. Remember why you want the gazebo in the first place. If you plan to host parties, you will want to buy a gazebo that is at least 16 feet across or more. Regardless of the size, be sure to measure out the area in your yard prior to buying. If you plan to place the gazebo over a hot tub, for example, make sure the gazebo will cover the entire tub and still provide area to maneuver around it.

Next, think about the type of material you want. The three primary types of gazebos are wood, metal, and vinyl. Wood is the most popular choice and great if you are going for a traditional look. Wood gazebos look great in natural settings, and they provide a style that simply cannot be matched by metal or vinyl. However, wood gazebos also require the most care. They need to be stained and painted regularly to make sure they are weather-resistant. If you buy a wood gazebo, you will also need to consider what type of wood you want. Teak is a popular choice because it is durable and weathers to a silver color over time. Cedar is another popular choice.

If you go with a metal gazebo, decide if you want wrought iron, aluminum, or steel. Wrought iron is the most popular and provides a natural look. Vinyl gazebos come in a variety of styles and tend to be the most affordable. Since they weigh less than other gazebos, vinyl varieties are often portable. If you plan to move your gazebo often, vinyl is the way to go.

Once you choose a size and material, you can think about the general style of gazebo you prefer. Victorian, Oriental, and Mission are all popular choices. Be sure to choose a style that complements the look of your home and landscape. Choose a shape – either octagon or circular - that will fit in your yard and provide a unique style.

Lastly, consider the type of roof you want on your gazebo. Many people forget about the roof because it isn't the first thing seen, but the roof needs to be able to withstand harsh weather. If you forget about roof quality, you may need to eventually buy a replacement gazebo top or a gazebo replacement canopy. A replacement canopy for gazebo roofs come in many styles and sizes, whether it is for an 8x8 gazebo or it is a 10x10 gazebo replacement canopy. If you don't want to buy a replacement gazebo canopy or replacement gazebo tops, you should look for a gazebo with a quality top from the start.

If you do need to buy a gazebo covers replacement or gazebo replacement tops, make sure you purchase the correct size. A gazebo replacement canopy 10x10 won't work if you need a patio gazebo canopy that is a gazebo canopy replacement 8x8. A gazebo canopy replacement 10x10 is just one of the many gazebo replacement covers, although a replacement canopy for 10x10 gazebo is the most popular. Whether you need a 10 x 10 gazebo replacement canopy or some other size, though, you should be able to find what you need.