When you begin packing for your vacation, you're probably likely to consider heading to stores like Sears or Kohls to buy new shoes or clothes. But, don't forget that you'll need some luggage to put these new vacation clothes into. Luggage is a very personal item to purchase, and what makes a piece of luggage great for one person may not even be on another person's wish list. Here are a few common factors to consider when deciding what luggage choice is right for you.


Bigger is not always better in the luggage world. With airlines charging higher and higher baggage check fees, the idea of carry on luggage is becoming more and more appealing. Of course, these carry on bags can not be much bigger than an overnight bag, but if you're a smart packer, you can save lots of money this way.

You should also note that if you choose to check your luggage, there are weight limits on your bag, so an extra large bag may wind up costing you even more if you fill it to the top based on pure weight. When considering the size of luggage to be purchased, you'll want to consider how often you travel and for how long at one time you travel. Choosing the size that just fits your needs and nothing more will making packing more efficient. You could find that a carry on sized bag is all you need, and this will really save you time and money at the airport.


Most luggage choices come with some sort of rolling mechanism these days, but that's not to say that they are all created equal. While some are anti-gravity and spin on a dime, others offer straight line promises. Yet others are about as bumpy as the first wheel. What is important to consider is what sort of portability you need and the handle length and ease on the product. Especially if you're a tall person, you'll want luggage that comes with a long retractable handle. This will keep you from having to bend over to pull your suitcase while you walk. Once you've found an option that is comfortable to pull, make sure your wheels are thickly coated and seem hardy. This will make travel smooth over bumpy surfaces.


If you've ever flown and checked luggage, then you've also stood around a luggage claim carousel eyeballing lots of luggage trying to find the one with your belongings inside. While black matches everything and is eternally chic, it is no longer considered the best color choice for luggage. Instead, try picking a bright color or pattern that suits your personal style. Not only will you feel like a one of a kind, you will also be able to more easily identify it at baggage claim. This will save you time and a potential heartache should your luggage be confused with someone else's.