Americans have had a love-hate relationship with pigeons. While our fine-feathered friends carried thousands of messages that saved many hundreds of lives during World Wars I and II, they have also been a real foe for homeowners. The high concentration of uric acid found in pest pigeon droppings can discolor paint, stain wood, erode metal, and even crumble concrete and expensive stonework. Then there's the health risk of bacteria, fungi and parasites that live and grow in pigeon droppings, which can carry and transmit any of 60 known diseases. The fleas, mites and ticks in wild pigeons can also carry disease. All told, pest pigeon infestations cost homeowners millions of dollars annually.

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While some homeowners have resorted to shotguns, poisons and lethal traps to pigeon proof their homes, there are many more humane ways of discouraging these pest birds from making your house their home.

One of the most popular pigeon proof deterrents is the bird spike. Particularly useful for awnings and patio covers, the bird spikes discourage birds from landing. Some spikes are made of rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate. Others have stainless steel spikes. They come in a variety of sizes, are easy to install and won't harm birds. They are ideal for discouraging pest pigeons from landing on ledges, parapets, beams, pipes, chimneys, cutouts, and light fixtures. Be sure to install a sufficient amount of pigeon proof spikes to cover an entire ledge (otherwise pigeons will get in behind it). Also, be sure to close off corners and all open sides of a ledge.

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Another effective pigeon repellant system is pigeon proof netting, ideal for courtyards, patio covers, and rooftops. Properly installed, pigeon netting presents an impenetrable barrier against these pest birds. Bird-B-Gone's heavy-duty bird net 2000 is most often prescribed by architects. Its ISO 1806 mesh polyethylene fabric is U.V. stabilized, flame resistant and rot and waterproof. The sub-zero stable, non-conductive webbing comes in 3/4", 1-1/8" and 2" mesh sizes to deter pest pigeons. Bird Proof Netting should be positioned over window recesses, balconies, eaves, and even whole rooftops to prevent pigeons from reaching nesting areas.

To discourage pigeons from simply landing, some homeowners have opted for Bird Slope as an effective means of pigeon pest control. These angled slippery slopes are easy to install and ideal for ledges, eaves, beams and other 90-degree areas where pigeons tend to nest and roost. Pigeons simply can't get a grip and slide off the ledge. The Bird Slope presents an attractive bird-proofing alternative. The panels come in a two colors, gray or stone or can be easily painted to match any homes decor. For wide ledges, the flat base simply glues to any clean surface. For narrow ledges, the slope can be trimmed down. Be sure to use UV stabilized Bird Slope panels, like those offered by Bird-B-Gone.

There are also a number of economical pigeon proof deterrents that have appealed to homeowners. These bird scare products include iridescent reflective foil or flash tape, which create an Optical Distraction Zone for pest pigeons. Another low-cost visual bird scare device is the inflatable balloon imprinted with lifelike reflective predator eyes and markings. These bird repellers or scare-eye diverters are easy to hang in problem areas. Some bird repellers have iridescent foil eyes to scare away pigeons by day and glow-in-the-dark backsides to keep them away at night. They keep pigeons from landing on trees, overhangs, gazebos, patios, eaves, pool areas, and other areas.
If you have a pest bird problem on your home, or in your backyard, there are numerous products available to help. Many Bird Control companies, such as Absolute Bird Control, are available to help answer questions, and help you choose the right product for the situation. Most pest control companies can also help with pest bird problems.

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Unsure about which product is rigt for you? Contacting a Bird Control Company such as Absolute Bird Control can help.