Although I consider myself mediocre at programming and working the internet it took me several failed attempts to figure out how to place a YOUTUBE VIDEO into my INFOBARREL articles.
I could not find any helpful posts on this besides one article that just confused me more.
Placing YOUTUBE VIDEOS into your INFOBARREL is actually very easy. It however is not the same as you would on facebook by using the share URL code YOUTUBE offers.
I also tried using the embed code as suggested by another article on this subject but alas, that also never seemed to work.

Then on my third attempt it happened, I posted a code and ... VIOLA!  A YOUTUBE VIDEO appeared on my post,

Here is a step by step guide for those not so computer literate people on HOW TO PLACE YOUTUBE VIDEOS INTO INFOBARREL ARTICLES.   

Step #1

Add Video Element

First lets add the VIDEO ELEMENT  to our article.

Left click on the box marked VIDEO under the ADD ELEMENT menu on the right of your screen. You will now have an ELEMENT at the bottom of your article titled VIDEO.

This is the box you will be working with, to plant your YOUTUBE VIDEO, when we return from the YOUTUBE channel

STEP 1(78414)

Step #2

Choose Your Youtube Video

Now go on to the YOUTUBE website, and find your VIDEO that you would like placed into your INFOBARREL article.  When you have decided  on the video clip that you want, and while still on this page go to the address window at the top of your browser and copy the page URL making sure you get the complete address. One letter or symbol missing in this address will not give you a successful VIDEO post.

Choose Your Youtube Video

Step #3

Pasting And Posting Your Video URL

Back now to your INFOBARREL article and click on the EDIT tab of the VIDEO ELEMENT.
A window will pop up with three dialog boxes. The last one titled VIDEO DATA or VIDEO URL ,is the box we need to use. Paste the YOUTUBE URL,  that we copied on the YOUTUBE channel, into this box. Check once again that you have copied and pasted the complete URL address.

If its correct, then its time to SAVE AND CLOSE.

Edit Button(78436)
Pasting And Posting The URL(78439)

Step #4

Youtube On Infobarrel

You should now see the YOUTUBE VIDEO on your INFOBARREL article immediatly.

Now Didnt That Just Rock Hard Boys And Girls