We have all been there. We have some goals we would like to accomplish that will help better our lives. It could be our relationships, finances, career, or overall happiness. I have been there myself, and I still fight with it time to time. It has become much easier now, and I am starting to develop a habit to accomplish my goals. So let’s get right into the meat and bones of this dilemma.

I have many goals I would like to accomplish such as: a more satisfying career, side income, my own online business, a healthy relationship, and other miscellaneous goals. I always start motivated then end up fizzling down the road at some point, whether it’s a few days or even a few months.

I started to read more on this topic and I began writing things down the moment I felt them. If I started procrastinating on a project then I wrote down WHY. If I didn’t even finish, again I wrote down WHY. After a few times I realized I had a fear of failure, and also no accountability. I was also trying to hit home runs with everything instead of taking baby steps. 

FIRST STEP: Write everything down.

I would plan everything out for the year first, major goals, and little by little get down to daily goals. Here is an example to better help you out.

Main Goal: Lose 50 lbs in one year

In 6 months I want to have lost 25 lbs, if not then I need to change my plan by looking at my food and exercise logs.

Every 3 months I want to have lost 12 lbs, if not then I need to up my exercise or lower my calorie intake.  

Every month I want to lose 4 lbs.  If no progress keep for at least another month.

Every week I need to plan my meals on Sunday and my exercise routine as well, which consists of eating 5x a day and exercising 3x or more per week.

Daily Plans: AM workout with breakfast afterwards and my lunch packed with 2 snacks and one lunch.  My dinner will be already prepped to make my life easier when I get home.  

(You can get as specific as you want and should to help define your goal)

SECOND STEP: Write one big plan and scale down until daily plan.

One of the most important tasks is to recognize if something is not working and plan for it ahead by using measurable figures. i.e. if I do not understand Facebook advertising and cannot set up a business profile in 2 weeks, then study for an additional week. Failure will happen, it is better to plan ahead to know what to do when failures arise.

THIRD STEP: Plan for Failure.

After planning all of my goals I would accomplish 1-2 important daily goals early in the morning before work. This has helped me immensely. No longer am I coming home dead and exhausted and realize I have 2 hours of action ahead of me. Plus early in the day there is nothing than can throw a wrench in your plans. Also plan the very important actions early in the week as well. Keep in mind everything will not get done, and that’s ok.

FOURTH STEP: Plan very important tasks beginning of the day and week

One of the most important steps to take away is do not overload your plate. I was trying to switch jobs, start a freelance gig, start an online business, lose weight, and move out. Too much going on and got NOTHING done. Most people can have 3 goals daily to get progress on, no more. Focus on 1 goal and slowly ramp up to another one, and another one, so on and so forth.

FIFTH STEP: Do not try to do everything at once.

Last but not least, find your why. Why do you want to accomplish these goals? Is it for family, security, legacy, or something that matters to you most? If you keep that in the front of your mind that will help push you through the tough times.

SIXTH STEP: Find why you want to achieve these goals for that constant motivation

Understand your failures and write everything down
Plan big and scale down
Plan for failure
Do not overload your plate, ramp up slowly
Understand your why to keep you focused.