Birthday parties for kids can be really fun, or difficult to plan for. There are so many things to think about: invitations, games, party favors, etc. There are just so many details to a birthday party. If you take some of the following rules for planning into consideration, your life may turn out to be a little less hectic while planning birthday parties for kids.

Rule #1: Remember that this party is about your child and his/her friends having fun. The work that you put into the preparations is important, but shouldn't be the focus. Your job is to help your child feel special on his/her special day.

Your goal at the end of the day is to have the guests say how much fun they had, not how clean your house was, or how well you planned a certain game.

Rule #2: Know what your child wants for his/her party. Have him/her pick a theme if possible. It will be easier to plan for the cake, food, activities, etc. if you have a theme to work around.

Rule #3: Get some adult help for the party. You will want to have enough supervision to make sure there aren't any problems. It is nice to have someone manning the games while you are helping a child find the bathroom, for example.

It may be a good idea to invite a couple of parents in addition to your child's friends. Make sure that you ask them before hand what they should help out with. Make sure you send proper thank yous after the party is over.

Rule #4: Keep your manners in check. Invitations, for example, should never be passed out by your child at school. If only certain individuals are invited, you can have some broken- hearted kids in the class. Make sure you child also knows how to act in certain circumstances at his/her party.

For example, if your child receives a gift that he/she already possesses, he/she shouldn't say, "I already have this!" Instead maybe show excitement to have two because he/she likes the toy SO much. It is also important to send thank you notes after the party is over.

Rule #5: Have a lot of activities available. One of the easiest ways to ruin birthday parties for kids is to have bored guests.

As kids trickle in, have some toys available to play with until all the guests are present to start the games. If you follow these simple rules, your birthday parties for kids will always end up being fun and successful.

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