Whether you have been married for 20 years or have just caught the eye of someone you are interested in, going out on dates is an important way to connect and increase the intimacy in your relationship. Fortunately for your wallet, the main elements that set you up for an unforgettable date are free. Choose two to three of these elements to incorporate into your next date to feel a renewed sense of connection and intimacy with your significant other.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Involve the great outdoors; this will have you both engaged in the moment with something physical, as well as provide budget friendly elements to your date. Enjoy beautiful back drops of sunsets, mountains, lakes, etc. at little cost to you. This could be a walk to a location where you have set-up a picnic blanket with a bottle of wine and cheese ahead of time, driving to the beach in time for the sunset and to collect driftwood, or purchasing a star guide and lying on your backs to point out the stars.

Step 2

Make sure there is a lot of focus on the two of you on the date. Choose a cozy location where there are few distractions like a couch tucked away in the corner of a bistro. Choose seating arrangements where the two of you are looking at one another.

Step 3

Choose an activity that will give the both of you the chance work and play together. Try fondue, dancing, a cooking class, or even a cozy diner with a jukebox where you both can choose music to listen to.

Step 4

Add a personal touch to show the amount of thought and care you have put into this date. Find out your date's favorite song and have the restaurant play the music or have it ready to play in your home/car. Pick up your date's favorite type of flower, make note of a symbolic or significant date in their life and choose a date for that night (and tell them why you made the date that night--do anything to show that what is important to them is important to you.
The best date ideas come from incorporating some of the elements above and have nothing to do with the amount of money spent. Focusing on the person and creating a mood rather than being extravagant and showy will keep both your date and wallet happy.

Tips & Warnings