Having fun under the hot sun is not just for the typical beach parties anymore. It can also be the exciting backdrop for your own bridal shower.

A bridal shower beach theme is surely something that is unique and will be talked about by your friends for a very long time. If you and your friends are the type of people who love the outdoors, then the beach is the best venue for your party.

The beach has so much to offer for the party goer. Ideas to have fun in such an exciting venue can be truly endless.

If you want to have a bridal shower at the beach, here are a few tips you can follow to make sure it is a hit.

Things You Will Need

Some beach themed bridal shower decorations.

Step 1

Don't ever forget the swim suits!

There's an exclamation there and you probably know why. What fun can you get out of a bridal shower beach theme party if you and your guests are fully clothed, with no skin showing and touching the fine sands? That would be a boring party indeed.

Just like with any other occasion, you should dress right to experience the best of the event.

Step 2

Bring out the food and drinks, but not just any food. Think about the usual beach food like grilled fares and tropical fruits.

Match the meals with the right drinks like a few cooling cocktails or if you don't want to serve alcohol, a soothing coconut juice or a pineapple drink would be perfect to quench everybody's thirst.

Step 3

Games, games and more games!

Come up with some fun bridal shower game ideas. Don't forget to bring along a beach ball, the inflated type for everybody to toss around. That by itself is already a lot of fun. Also a beach volleyball can be a great sport between friends.

Step 4

A bonfire party.

A fun bridal shower at the beach is usually even more exciting when held at night. Light up a bonfire and play games around it or dance till you drop.

Step 5

Turn on the Music.

The music is always the life of any bridal shower party. Pick out your sounds appropriately to convey that great tropical excitement you and your friends will be experiencing on your bridal shower beach theme party.

Tips & Warnings