Whether you're a June Bride or getting married in a winter wonderland, a Colorado honeymoon could be the perfect trip for you and your new spouse.

So many options are available in the "Centennial State," from ski packages to spa experiences to hands-on ranch stays.

In the summertime, you can experience the full range of Colorado's beauty. Try a guided horseback ride through the majestic pine-filled forests, or perhaps a private hot air balloon ride, complete with champagne.

Natural mineral hot springs are an amazing thing to experience, and you can find them in Glenwood, Ouray, or Pagosa Springs, among other places.

If you enjoy outdoorsy activities, what about an extended camping trip? If you're truly athletic, try a backpacking trip along one of many available hiking trails.

There are various aquatic activities to choose from, too, including canoeing or white water rafting on the rivers. Be sure to visit the Continental Divide, where the rivers of the United States change the direction of their flow. It is an amazing place to view a sunset.

The more common thought for a Colorado honeymoon is probably in wintertime. Ski enthusiasts and beginners alike can enjoy a romantic trip on the slopes.

Lessons are available for both skiing and snowboarding, or rent a snowmobile to experience Colorado's snowy beauty. In flatter areas, snowshoeing and cross-country treks are exhilarating activities for any vacationer.

For a truly romantic afternoon and evening, look into booking a trip for two in a horse-drawn sleigh.

Who could resist singing a verse or two of Jingle Bells while riding in a one-horse open sleigh? Or just sit by the fire in your suite or the resort lodge, sipping warm cocoa or other, adult, winter drinks.

Whether you're looking for a Colorado honeymoon in the winter or summer, you have thousands of available options for romantic dinners. If you're in the mountains, drive into one of the state's beautiful cities for a 5-star meal you'll never forget.

Also be sure to check out the amazing rock structures in the various state and national parks. Your honeymoon in this beautiful western state will be a memorable and fun one.

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