Are you considering a Costa Rica honeymoon?

If you are, chances are that you love nature and everything it has to offer. You are also one who must love adventure. Well, you are picking the right place.

You will have a honeymoon experience full of outdoor activities, a bit of culture and some great pampering. Definitely not a typical honeymoon, that's for sure.

Costa Rica is a very beautiful country that seems to have it all. There are so many fabulous places to see and exciting adventures to take.

During a weeks time you will be able to lounge on the white sands of the beach, check out an active volcano, and then go visit the monkeys while hanging out in the jungle. You will be able to drink the most delicious coffee in all the world and be pampered with an exquisite massage.

How is that Costa Rica honeymoon sounding so far? Well then, what about this, you will be able to sleep in a luxurious bed one night and beneath the trees the next night. What a great country to see and experience.

There is a beach town of Tamarindo, which is considered to be the most incredible bay on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast. A great location that has some secret paths for some privacy and solitude. The water is warm all year long perfect for swimming all year round and the humidity is always low.

Another great Costa Rica honeymoon site is to visit the Manual Antonio National Park. Here you will experience beautiful white sandy beaches right next to a forest filled with monkeys.

You can also take a guided tour which will guide you safely through the forest making it a bit safe to see the monkeys. You will also be able to view the Pacific with its great vista any time of the day or night no matter the weather.

Now if you future spouse to be is a surfer, then what a treat you are in for if you are going from November to May. In Tamarindo, on the coast, the waves are huge and fast!

Have we helped you in your decision regarding a Costa Rica honeymoon? Well, with a bit more research, you will be sold on the idea!

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