Dora the Explorer

If you have a toddler who enjoys watching the kid friendly Dora the Explorer cartoon, then it'd be a good idea to use the Dora the Explorer theme for her next birthday. This is a widely popular cartoon with a model lead character who portrays all the good qualities parents want their kids to have. She's patient, considers the opinions of others, and never holds a grudge against her Nemesis Swiper. Even despite his relentless urge to swipe. She's smart, offers sound advice and consistently finds objects on every episode (how she keeps it up is beyond me; if anything her technique could help parents find items like keys and wallets). So if you've never planned a themed party before, or could just use some advice, continue reading.

Visit the Site

First off, when planning a Dora the Explorer party, everything needs to be themed with the cartoon. Even the Invitations. You could create your own invitations with special invitation making software, but the Nick Jr. website has free invitations you can print off and use for your event. The site also has coloring pages the kids can play with during the party. All of these items are free and simply requires you to press the print button. It's really a resourceful site for those planning a Dora the Explorer party. They offer party recipes like cakes, cupcakes and carmel popcorn. They also have imaginative Dora the Explorer creations for salads, appetizers and desserts. If you feel you're handy in the kitchen, be sure to visit the site often to help with your party.

dora party supplies

Dora Party Supplies

Of course you'll need Dora party supplies. With these types of parties you can get your cups, tablecloths, plates and napkins together with one purchase. No need buying them separately and increasing the cost. And once you have the basics, don't stop there. Be sure to grab party hats, favors and other items to make it a well-rounded party; although only one person is being celebrated, it's still a good idea to give the guests a little something as well. You have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to Dora party supplies. If you can find wholesale party supplies, that'll save you tons more money than buying retail.


Another thing you'll want to have besides Dora party supplies are activities the kids can play. You can mimic the TV series by having the kids find an object Swiper has hidden. It can be set up like a scavenger hunt. You give each kid a loot bag with tools they'll need for the adventure. And everyone would work as a team with you being the leader because only you know where the item is located. You'll want to sort of guide them through the process like Dora does on the show. Of course, the majority of this game would be played outside. You'd have clues in various locations that would lead to more clues. And eventually you'd reached the item that was hidden. It could be in a pretend swamp, a mock jungle or some other exotic location the kids would have to use their imaginations on. The item stolen could be something like a present inside a mock Dora the Explorer backpack, a kitchen utensil you were going to use to bake the cake, or anything else crucial to the party so everyone would get involved in the adventure.

It All Comes Together

So now you have a pretty good idea on what it'll take to throw a decent Dora the Explorer party. You'll need Dora party supplies, games and food to make it all come together nicely. There are plenty of other ideas for games you could find on the net. And you could come up with your own with a little bit of creativity and knowledge of the cartoon. Either way, it's not too difficult throwing an exciting Dora the Explorer themed party that your kids will enjoy.