Getting together with family is a common way to celebrate Easter for many people across the U.S. The spring holiday allows families to gather and catch up on everyone's activities and lives since the last major holiday, which for many families was Christmas in December. To ensure everyone has a pleasant experience, it's important to plan the family Easter gathering in advance.

Set the specifics. Find a family member willing to volunteer their home to house the family Easter gathering, or rent a local community center or building for the day. If you choose the latter, seek out a location with outdoor space or playground equipment as this allows the children in the family to have a place to play. Decide what time the festivities will start as well as what specific activities will occur such as a meal, Easter egg hunt, family games or photos. Assign what type of foods or dishes each member of the family should bring unless you plan to do potluck in which family members can bring whatever they choose.

Communicate the plans. Send out an email, letter or postcard to all family members informing them of the date, time and location for the family Easter gathering. This should be done several weeks in advance. Follow up with family members three to four weeks prior to the gathering to find out whether or not they will be in attendance on Easter Sunday. Offer to help them make travel arrangements if they don't live within driving distance of the location. Ask them to bring food or supplies if you plan on doing potluck or have foods and dishes assigned to specific family members.

Create games and activities. Talk with a few of the other family members to get ideas for games and activities to have during the family Easter gathering. Some families choose to have an Easter egg hunt for the children in the family while others choose to play board games, cards or bingo. Make sure you allot time during the celebration for family photos since these are often important to parents and grandparents in the family.

Purchase supplies and décor. Visit your local party supply store to pick up any supplies and Easter décor needed for the party. Consider using paper plates, plastic silverware and disposable napkins to cut down on the time it takes to clean up after the family Easter gathering. Create table decorations and centerpieces by purchasing plush rabbits, chickens or other Easter animals. You can also fill Easter baskets with grass and an assortment of Easter eggs and candy. Purchase the eggs needed for the Easter egg hunt if you plan to have one while also obtaining the supplies and prizes for other games and activities you plan to do.

Enjoy the day. When the day of the family Easter gathering finally arrives, be excited to see and talk with family members. Know that the day will be a huge success since you took the time to plan the family Easter gathering in advance.