Ask families who celebrate Halloween when they first started creating Halloween traditions, and they will tell you as children. They remember trick-o-treating on Halloween and that carries on throughout life. Sharing a Halloween party with friends has no rules. To create a fun Halloween party, you should always make good choices. Creating and organizing the Halloween theme is the biggest hurdle to cross. Once the date is set the Halloween party you created will happen around you if you follow some simple steps to plan a Halloween party successfully.

Things You Will Need


Guest List





Party rentals


Step 1

Confirm a venue first when you plan a Halloween party because you need an area where all your guests can converge and enjoy themselves. Families have Halloween parties at home and the younger crowds take their parties out on the town. Home parties can be as exciting as you make them, so we'll focus on Halloween parties hosted in the home. Look to utilize a large room with multiple entries as the central gathering area. Think about creating a space outside too if you still want to interact with the neighborhood trick-o-treaters while you enjoy your Halloween party.

Step 2

Get the word out about your party. Construct a guest list. Place the most social friends on the top of the list and get them their invitations first. Recommend your guest bring a friend or spread the word if your Halloween party is an open gathering. Construct a guest list that fits your party expectations. There are a lot of Halloween parties to go to each year and if you want as many people as possible attending you should utilize your network of friends to get the word out.

Step 3

Deliver the Halloween party invitations at least three weeks before the party. Include a telephone number to RSVP and request that your guests let you know they will be coming. A smart host knows how many people will be attending or at least prepared for however many attend. Invitations can be as simple as a text message or as intricate as an enveloped invitation with reply card. Choose the method that works best for your friends and not you to get the best response.

Step 4

Rent party equipment to supply the Halloween party with seating, ambience, and food service that you will include as amenities for your Halloween party. Popular Halloween party rentals include margarita machines, audio, fog machines, tables and chairs, table linens and lighting. Recognize the influence of sight and sound to take your Halloween party to the next level. Always haggle about price especially if you are renting more than one piece of equipment. Getting tables and chairs and two machines plus lighting and sound equals a large enough rental to expect some discount for renting it form one place and renting it ahead of time.

Step 5

Purchase a Halloween costume and try it on before you buy if possible. Consider the theme you want to see. Gothic, Ghoulish, Zombie or pirate, now is the time to have your costume ready to go the night of the Halloween party. Costumes purchased out-of-state have no taxes but have the risk of not fitting once you receive it. Give yourself enough time to order and receive and be able to return if needed. Don't get stuck in a spot without a Halloween costume when you are planning a Halloween party like this.

Step 6

Check the guest list for changes in party size and attendees. Deliver extra invitations with no RSVP to extra guests if your RSVP list allows for it. Confirm equipment rental. Order food items and cakes seven days prior to the event and schedule a timely pick-up the day before or the day of the Halloween event. Call your closest friends and confirm their attendance. Request assistance from these few best friends and see how much they can help you when the day arrives. The benefit of friends is that you won't have to do so much.

Step 7

Clean the venue and pre-arrange items not rented in place. Receive the party rental delivery three hours before the event or pick up the equipment six hours before the event. Set up the equipment three hours before the event and begin to warm foods and package treats as needed for guests. Have the party set up before you get dressed in your costume so you won't be able to make a mistake and ruin the costume before anyone even arrives.

Step 8

Get ready thirty minutes before the first guest is scheduled to arrive. Turn on all party equipment and machines fifteen minutes before the party and make a drink for yourself as you wait for your first guests to arrive. You want to be relaxed when the party begins. Have a friend arrive early if you find yourself getting behind. Now is the perfect time to run through the party in your head, before it even gets started. This is how the best party planners make great parties. Enjoy this Halloween party more than any other because you planned it yourself.


Tips & Warnings


Party rental companies like to rent all the equipment for a party. If you need more than one piece of equipment but they come at different rates from another company, tell the company you are renting one item from for a special instead of going to get the equipment from another business. Saving time may make the difference now for a really great Halloween party later. Utilize light to create the perfect spooky environment while maintaining a safe one too.


Transporting equipment risks damaging equipment. Be sure to insure all expensive party rentals before leaving the rental property. Party rental equipment can be dangerous if operated by untrained guests. Hot popcorn poppers and fog machines can become an injury hazard for young children if left unattended. Scary costumes are scary. It is better for young children to be introduced to scary costumes and Halloween fun at their own pace. Halloween masks will restrict vision. Poor lighting can result in injury.