A well planned marketing campaign can help your small business grow and become more profitable. It will enable you to build awareness for your brand, products and services while putting money into your bank account. Many of the tips discussed in this article are things that you can do yourself, without having to worry about the expense of hiring a professional publicist.

Things You Will Need

A budget.


Step 1

Create a budget and stick to it. Once your marketing campaign is underway, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and overspend. Before you know it, any new profits your campaign may have brought to your bottom line will have evaporated. Once your budget is spent it's time to start putting money aside for the next time.

Step 2

Concentrate on a single market. This works for traditional off-line (brick and mortar) businesses as well as online businesses. If yours is an off-line business, focus on reaching as many of your potential local customers as you can before moving on to regional clients. For an online business, set your sights on a single demographic.

Step 3

Brand your business. Every marketing campaign needs a theme. For example, you may want to capitalize on the fact that your business is an industry leader in customer satisfaction, or the lowest cost provider of your products or services. Be creative, and come up with a succinct, but memorable slogan.

Step 4

Explore different means of advertising your business. While newspaper ads and billboards are still somewhat effective for off-line businesses, the methods that work best for online endeavors are just as powerful. Twitter and Facebook have proven to be a great ways to market small businesses free of charge. Most off-line businesses have an online presence, so other methods such as article marketing and email campaigns are also solid ways to build a customer base while making the best use of your existing customers.

Step 5

Get organized. Once you've committed to a marketing campaign you should allot a certain portion of each day to seeing that it is carried out as planned. Track your expenses and the effectiveness of the campaign.

Tips & Warnings