new year for kids

When most individuals think of a New Years Eve party, they picture a party with mostly grownups and do not typically think of children when thinking about these types of parties. However, every year many New Years Eve parties either include children or are designed specifically for kids. Whether you are preparing to throw a New Years Eve party for your children or your friends or are only planning to allow your adult guests to bring their children to the party, there are some conditions which must be taken when planning a New Years Eve party.

Among the most obvious considerations is alcohol intake. Obviously it is unfitting to allow kids to consume alcohol so the party host ought to plan on other drinks for the children at the party. They may want to consider serving mocktails which are non alcoholic variations of cocktails. These mocktails are a lot of fun and will help keep the kids from being jealous of the drinks the grownups are enjoying because they'll have their own fun and colorful drinks. When making mocktails for children it is crucial to focus on the presentation. Making colorful drinks and serving them in festive glasses is a fine idea. The host should also give some thought for alcohol consumption for adults and may consider placing a drink limit to prevent the adult guests from becoming drunk during the party.

Food should also be carefully considered when preparing a New Years Eve party which will include minors. This is crucial because children can be rather meticulous about their food. Luckily appetizers are perfect for New Years Eve festivities and most kids enjoy appetizers. Foods such as mini pizzas, hot dogs and burgers are especially popular with kids. Similarly, simple foods such as cut up pieces of fruit or cheese are likewise popular with kids. The host may wish to plan on getting an assortment of kid friendly appetizers as well as more sophisticated appetizers for the grownups. One instance of a cute food idea is to have sushi for the grownups and to make an appetizer resembling sushi for the children. This can be done by cutting the crusts of pieces of bread, spreading peanut butter on the bread and layering bits of strawberry on the peanut butter. The bread can then be wrapped up and cut to resemble pieces of sushi. The kids will enjoy getting an appetizer that looks like what the adults are eating but will also relish the taste of their own unique snack.

Another factor to think of when planning a New Years Eve party for children is the lateness of the party. Depending upon the age of the children, the kids may have difficulty staying up until midnight and may get cranky in the late evening hours. If the kids are especially young and staying up would be hard for everyone, the host can consider making the event a sleepover party and arranging an early celebration for the kids. The grownups can set the clocks ahead and organize a mock New Years celebration at a more kid friendly hour such as 9:00 pm. After a brief festivity the children can all retire to an out of the way location, with an adult chaperone, such as a completed basement or an upstairs bedroom. The chaperone can stay with the kids until they all fall asleep and then use a baby monitor to return to the party while keeping on to monitor the kids. The adults can then carry on with the party and celebrate the real New Year at midnight.