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Game Day Party Planning Ideas


Super Bowl XLV is the 45th annual Super Bowl to be held February 6, 2011. The legendary event will take place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC champions) will go against the GreenBay Packers (NFC champions) to fight it out to see who will be victorious and capture the 2011 NFL championship. The game will kickoff at around 5:30 pm CST.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, this will be the eighth time they made it all the way to the Super Bowl, six out of those eight times, they were Super Bowl champions. For the GreenBay Packers, this will be their fifth trip to the Super Bowl culminating in 3 Super Bowl championships. The Packers may seem like the like they have an uphill battle, but they have an impressive record of their own. They boast 12 NFL titles, which include nine league titles before the implementation of the Super Bowl. Making them the three-point favorite and making the Steelers the underdogs for the first time in about a decade. The Packers and the Steelers have not played each other since 2009. The result of that game left the Steelers victorious 37-36.

It is going to be a tight game this year with two legendary teams going head to head. Super Bowl day is going to be quite an event so you want to start preparing for it from now. Here are a few tips to help you organized and throw a successful game-day party that your friends will remember even after the game.

  • Prepare your list. Make a list of all your friends who will be attending. Get into the spirit of the game even during this planning stage by using Super Bowl XLV stationary. Make the list of Packers vs. Steelers and put your guests in the appropriate category.
  • Send personalized Super Bowl Invitations to your guests. Personalized stationary can be emailed or snail mailed. Just choose the right route for you. Make sure the Packers fans get Steelers' invitations inviting them to their doom and the Steelers' fans get Packers invitations inviting them to the same.
  • Order team Color T-shirts for everyone. Hand them to your guests as they enter the party. If you have months to plan, have everyone pay for his or her shirts in advance. This way, you can order it in enough time for game day delivery. To save money, just ask your guests to wear clothing in their team's color.
  • Set up a game area in your home for the party. As much fun as the Super Bowl will be, you do not want to have to clean up your whole house after the party. Just designate a specific area in your home where you will hold the party. If you have more than one bathroom, then designate only one bathroom, preferably close to the party area, as the bathroom guests should use.
  • Hang football lights in the game area. Football lights are fun, pretty and way too cool for words. When the game starts, dim the regular lights and let the football lights illuminate the scene.


  • Hang a game day banner over the entrance to the party area or somewhere in the party area. Game day banners should be available online or through local party stores or even your local Walmart or Kmart may carry them as the even gets closer.
  • Order game day balloons to decorate the party area. Each guest should get a balloon along with any game day hats and noisemakers that you give out.

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  • Have fun with water bottles with game day labels. You can get these labels online at Amazon or through a party store. You can just stick game day labels on regular bottles of water and stick them in your game day cooler/goal post cooler.
  • Do not forget the football confetti. Have plenty of confetti to drop or toss around during touchdowns and when the game ends. The winning team should have confetti thrown on them. Hey, it is messy, but much easier to clean up than Gatorade.
  • Have life-size player cutouts of key football team members. What would game day be without one?

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  • Get game day eating utensils. A good idea is to have a dinner with your family BEFORE the guests arrives. You can dine with your game day plates, napkins, and glasses. Save the chips and dips for the guests.
  • Play fun games. Have a game day betting board and Super Bowl trivia during half time. Tape the half-time commercials and watch them later, now it is time to interact with your guests. Give away prizes for winners. The winning team's fans should get the game day banner, so after the end of the game, draw a raffle among those team members to see who gets the banner.
  • Do not forget the kids. Involve them in the game day spirit as much as possible. Have a kid's trivia section before the game begins. Make them a pizza in the form of a football.
  • Speaking of pizza, what about your menu? Keep it simple and light. The best option is to have a good ole fashioned potluck where everyone brings something. Make a list of what you want at the party and as someone volunteers to bring it, cross the item off your list. Have a separate list to check the items off as they arrive on game day.
  • Designate people to stay and help you with the clean up. Whether they stay after the party or come back the next day, is entirely up to you and them, however the point is to get someone to help you.
  • Take plenty of pictures and put them in your Super Bowl XLV personalized album.
  • Establish designated drivers ahead of time. This way, you will know everyone makes it home safely.

A good menu for game day would be

  • Chips and dip (of course)
  • Nachos
  • PLENTY of tater chips
  • Tator tots or french fries
  • Candy of all kind
  • Pizza
  • Fried chicken or chicken wings
  • Patties (beef, chicken, fish)
  • Potato salad (game day loaded)
  • Condiments


  • Game day football cake
  • Cookies (shaped like football)
  • Brownies

Drinks (use personalized labels on the bottles)

  • Water
  • Soda
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Game day punch (wink)

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