A Runners Vacation is a unique sort of vacation, where the only thing you need is an extended gym pack. A Runner's Vacation is design for those men and women who love to run and have the courage to compete in races. Each state has a marathon, or half marathon, not to mention 5K and 10K races. Many even have walking events that accompany these major races. As a Baby Boomer (those that are 40 and older) and run, have heard of the National Master Association and are more than likely already a member. However, did you know they could help you plan vacations for the enjoyment of running on other tracks and trails around the world?

  • The Masters Long Distance Running: Joining provides you with a monthly newspaper (National Masters News) that provides information about events, meet results, race schedules, and local news for each state. Although the association will not arrange or book your travel, it does provide you with a great start for a wonderful adventure in running races. It provides dates, times, registry information, and fees for every event from the 100 meter dash to the grand marathons.
  • Fifty-Plus Fitness Association: An organization that will not help with travel booking, but it will provide you with ideas and schedules to begin a great vacation plan. The organization was designed to provide a basis for exchanging information about running and its benefits among the growing numbers of over 50 runners. The organization sponsors races in over 50 states. Joining provides you with a quarterly newsletter and the member is asked to participate in ongoing surveys and studies related to running and races.

  • Local Running Clubs: There are as many running clubs as there are races. Each club provides different benefits, but the greatest is support. Usually a club will have a race director that follows all the local races and many of the races in other states and countries. Many times local clubs organize group runs and club races, especially to the regional marathons - such as the Boston or Marine Corp Marathons.
  • Goggle Search: Just by doing a simple goggle search, you will find many races, race organizers, and other running magazines (such as Runner's World). These listings will also provide you with ideas for great vacations and weekend trips for the sole purpose of running your next great race.


v Masters Long distance Running - 703-250-7955

v Fifty-Plus Fitness Association - 415-323-6160