Spa Party Ideas

If you're searching for a party idea for you and your girlfriends, hosting a spa party might be want you need. Do you have a stressful career? Or are the daily family hassles starting to weigh you down? Being able to relax and enjoy the time spent with friends can take a load of your shoulders and start putting things in perspective. Workplace stress can lead to fatigue which ultimately results in poor performance. If you're exhausted, you wouldn't perform as well as if you had a bit more energy. And energy drinks can only get you so far. Everyone once in awhile you'll need to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your friends. You can host a home spa party with candles, aromatic scents, and beauty products and you can give each other manicures, facials or massages - especially if you've invited someone trained. And to help with conversation, you can discuss the latest book you've read, essentially combining a book club and a spa party in one event.

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Bring Gifts

If you're hosting your friends 40th birthday party and need some gift ideas, theming your event as a spa party and limiting it to spa related gifts can lessen the cost of the party as well as ensuring all the materials needed are available. To keep track of everything, you could have a checklist of items you'll want to see at the spa party, crossing items off as your guests choose a gift to bring. These gifts can include spa gift baskets, Pumice stones, wholesale pedicure slippers, lotions, creams, and anything else that'll help with the party. Also, food items wouldn't be a bad idea either. A gourmet gift basket could easily fill that need.

My Favorite Spa

It'd be nice to have spa themed party favors at the doors for guests coming to your event. Gift certificates to local spas or beautify supplies can be offered to let your guests feel pampered as soon as they walk in. And instead of a cake, or in addition to one, you could have finger foods, chocolate covered fruit like strawberries, or cookies that the guest can enjoy while relaxing.

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Spa of the Ages

You'd also want the decor to resemble the spa theme you've chosen for your party. That can include white towels placed at designated stations, soft pillows, relaxing mood lighting (usually with candles), and even the music can enhance the spa atmosphere. Natural decorations like plants, flowers, and other organic items will make your home spa feel more like the garden of Eden than the suburban area you may be living in. Also, you could have pictures and paintings of forests, oceans or other natural landscapes to further enhance your spa party theme.

Spa Fun for Everyone

Spa related gifts can be presented at any party, regardless if it's a dedicated spa themed event or not; they're acceptable from ages 6 to 60. A spa event can be planned for a girls slumber party, or if you need some gift ideas for a woman's 60th birthday, something that'll help them age well would definitely be appreciated. You can also add spa party games to the event to add a bit more excitement. 20 questions, guessing games and trivia could help restore the body as well as the mind.

Short Term and Long Term Spa Ideas

You're not restricted to birthday parties when it comes to hosting a spa party, either. You can have an impromptu spa event if you absolutely need to wind-down and collect your thoughts. Alternatively, you and your friends could plan a travel spa event with everyone contributing a certain amount of money to take a group trip to a nice spa treatment center once a year. It'd be something to look forward to and a way to escape your normal surroundings every once in awhile. Either way, spa parties can be fun, relaxing and reinvigorating allowing you to be refreshed before going back to the daily grind.

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