If you are planning a family reunion and want to do something exciting, check out a theme park location for your special event. A theme park, such as Six Flags, offers a diversity you cannot get in a restaurant or a park. It can create memories that last a lifetime. It can be a great experience for everyone in the family, no matter what age. Here are some tips to help get you started with the planning:


If your family is spread out over many states, try picking a theme park that is centralized to all. If that is not possible, then find one that everyone agrees on and start checking out the pricing. Many families will create their theme park family reunion around their family vacation to help save money, so go somewhere fun and exciting.

You can spend an entire week at the park or a location that is nearby and if the family reunion only requires a day from your schedule, you have the rest of the week to enjoy your own vacation time. There are many exciting places to visit that have a theme park nearby.


Find out what kind of deals you can get on group pricing from not only the park but the hotels and airlines as well. You want to be able to save as much as you possibly can to avoid making the trip financially uncomfortable for anyone in the group. Theme parks usually offer great group rates and if you are staying in a nearby hotel, discounts are usually offered for that as well. Speak to someone at the park, don't just rely on Internet information. Many times when you speak to an actual person, you will get a much better deal. Check around and ensure you get the best price available for your size group.


Make sure you have your dates organized so that everyone in the group will be able to arrive on time. You should check with everyone and ensure they have their travel plans booked at least two weeks before you are supposed to leave. If you can, try to book the trip as far in advance as possible; this usually will create a much better discount for the group. Speak to the airline, hotel manager as well as rental car desk managers to ensure you are getting the best group rate.

At The Park

You should have park maps for everyone in the group and have locations mapped off for meeting places with times. If you are planning on eating together in the park, have a meeting location at the reserved shelter or at the dining establishment you will be enjoying lunch at. Just make sure that everyone knows where to be and what time to save much confusion on the day of the reunion. Have the maps ahead of time and send each family a copy with all the required info.