Planning a vacation is the only way to ensure that the family will experience the best rates. Many busy military families have limited time together during the summer months or during specific times. There may be deployed members of the famly or alternate living situations while a parent is away. Returning off deployment or simply deciding to take some leave time is a good time to plan a vacation. Here are some tips on how to plan a trip to Disney.

Find out all of the current discounts that are available to service members. Many of these discounts apply to both full time service members and reserves. Contact the local MWR office on your local post or base. Physically go down to their location. This will probably entail getting the hours, building number, and taking the service member with you.

Currently there is a special Disney promotion that allows up to six people into Disney for $99 each. This price is for a four day pass with entrance into one park per day. The millitary service member must buy the tickets at the local MWR office and present their ID cards when entering the park.

When you arrive at Disney before entering the park stop at the information center. Purchase a hop ticket that will upgrade the curret tickets. These tickets are $26 each person and allow for unlimited trips between Disney parks.

Parking varies in price at each park, currently at Epcot center it is $12 a day. All of the hotels in the area have shuttles to various Disney attractions. The shuttles, ferry boats, trains, buses, and vans that go back and forth from Disney locations run extremely late. If the family wants to save some money by taking the shuttles, be sure to look to see when the next pick up time is.

Traveling Budgeting

Determine a budget for the trip before leaving home. Include ticket prices, transportation costs, parking, eating out, and convience items.

Selecting a hotel with complimentary breakfast, eliminates having to pay for one meal of the day. The Holiday Inn Express has a nice continental breakfast, and has reasonable prices.

Going to Disney can be done on a budget. Use all of the resources available to you as a Millitary service member. Go to the MWR first, for purchasing tickets. Plan to stay in hotels that have a continental breakfast or has a fantastic nightly rate. Always ask for a millitary discount at hotels, resturants, and even in local shops. Use these tips when planning a Disney trip.