Planning a trip to Las Vegas can be a very fun time as you anticipate your big trip to the City of Sin, but it can also be a very stressful time if you have never been to Las Vegas before. Here are some quick tips on how to plan a trip to Las Vegas.

Flying or Driving to Las Vegas

Will you be flying into Las Vegas or driving into Las Vegas. You choice will depend a lot on where you live. If you live relatively close to Las Vegas, such as 10-12 hours away then you may decide to drive. Benefits of driving to Las Vegas are you have more freedom, you do not have to rent a car while in Las Vegas, and you do not have to worry about an airline losing your luggage.

Las Vegas is an international destination, so many places in the Country offer low cost flights to Las Vegas. If you live anywhere near a major airport then you can usually find some extremely cheap flights to Las Vegas. If you live near a semi-major or major airport and you are short on time then a quick trip to Las Vegas will be by flying instead of driving.

Where do I stay in Las Vegas?

You have multiple hotel casinos to choose from when you are visiting Las Vegas. Do you want ultra dirt cheap motel rooms, a luxurious and expensive hotel, or something in between?

If you want a fancy hotel and money is no option then you can take a look at hotel casinos in Las Vegas such as The Venetian or The Paris. These hotels are very nice but they will cost you a lot of money to stay in.

If you want a nice place to stay but don't want to spend as much as you would at The Paris and The Venetian then you can take a look at other Strip based hotel casinos such as the Luxor, the MGM Grand, New York New York, or even the always popular Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

If you want a cheap property and do not care about how dirty the hotel property is then you can find some cheap motel rooms.

One of the often over-looked areas for new visitors to Las Vegas is the downtown area. The historic downtown area located on Fremont Street has a covered canopy that covers the entire block and is off limits to vehicles. If you look online at travel websites such as Expedia then you can find some great deals, especially in the off peak tourist times. A cheap trip to Las Vegas can often include a downtown Las Vegas hotel casino property.

What to Do in Las Vegas

Obviously you can gamble while in Las Vegas on vacation but there is much more to Las Vegas then simply gambling away all night long. You can rent ATV's and ride them out in the desert. You can visit Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. There are at least 14 museums in Las Vegas that you can visit.

You can go to one of the clubs, or you can rent a limo and ride it up and down the famous Strip. Another popular activity is to simply walk around and visit each casino. Casino hopping is extremely popular on the Strip, but you need to know that you will be walking a lot of you casino hop on the strip. If you casino hop downtown then you will have to walk much less as each casino is located much closer to each other and the hotel casino properties are not as spread out as they are on the Vegas Strip.

Where to Eat While in Las Vegas?

You can find countless places to eat. If you want a fancy restraint that charges you $50.00 or more per plate and only gives you a small portion then you can do that but why would you do that when Las Vegas offers so many buffets?

You can find cheap Las Vegas Buffets or you can find more expensive buffets. Saturday nights at Sam's Town Casino has the prime rib buffet for $14.95. There is much more than just prime rib in the buffet. For the cost of a cheap prime rib meal back home you can get all you can eat prime rib along with the rest of the buffet for the same cost.

You can also find the All Day Buffets in Las Vegas where you pay a single price and get to eat all three of your meals there that day. You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner all for one price in a buffet setting. All Day Buffets have proven to be a popular option for many visitors to Las Vegas.

Where to Drink While in Las Vegas?

You can drink pretty much anywhere you want to while in Las Vegas. My only recommendation is that you do not carry a lot of money with you if you plan on getting intoxicated. You don't want to get extremely drunk and then lose all of your money in one of the poker rooms or slot machines.

The Fremont Experience, which is the downtown lightshow that is free, is always a popular destination for people wanting to get drunk. There are a lot of free activities including the light shows when all the downtown casinos turn off their lights and a light show is shown on the overhead canopy.

Downtown Las Vegas offers many cheap places to get alcohol. You can buy specialty mugs and have them refilled cheaply. You can get beer or you can choose a mixed cocktail. Some of these drinks that are cheap come in huge containers of 40 or more ounces.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an extremely fun town to visit. You can visit Las Vegas with your family, your guy friends, or you can visit Las Vegas all on your own. Regardless of what you like to do, you will have a fun time when you are in Las Vegas on vacation.