Beyond the seizure inducing bright lights, and apparent extravagance, of the New York City nightlife, one of American's favorite cities is so multi-faceted that it offers a great place to visit no matter who will be doing the visiting. Whether you, and those you will be traveling with (a class trip? family? friends?), want to take in some of the more historic sites of New York City, or indulge in the many dining venues, planning a trip to New York City doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these steps in this Info Barrel article in order to plan out your trip to New York City, and maximize the fun, benefit, and learning experience to yourself and all those you will be traveling with.

Things You Will Need

  • a backpack

Step 1

Learning how to plan a trip to New York City will begin by identifying exactly what it is that you, and those you will be traveling with, actually want to do. In some cases, you may already know what you want to do, while in other cases it is easy to see how the plethora of visitor site-seeing options and experiences can appear a bit overwhelming. If you plan your trip to New York City around a particular holiday, such as Christmas, not only should you be prepared for some seasonally exclusive options (such as visiting the massive Christmas tree and ice skating rink in Rockerfeller Center), but you will also prepare your mindset and plan for increased traffic and congestion just about every where.

If you are interested in simply sight-seeing and learning a bit more about the facts and historical context surrounding New York City, Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises can be a great alternative to the great deal of walking around that it would take to experience all that New York City has to offer. You can easily book one of Circle Line's many cruises by simply going through Travelocity. You will find that, not only is Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises among the best New York City has to offer, but having taken one myself, I actually couldn't picture my trip to New York City without taking one.

Step 2

Determining how exactly you will arrive will be imperative to best planning your trip to New York City. Ideally, this step should be done in conjunction with the first step because certain methods of travel may ultimately cause hold-ups or delays that could manifest into missing a reservation or appointment regarding the activities that you hope to do. As a booming hot spot for tourists the world over, it is no surprise that New York City is a major metropolis that can be accessed in so many ways: from car, to bus, to plane and train. Your selection of which mode of travel to utilize, of course, depends on a few things, to include:

  • Your actual distance from New York City
  • The number of people you intend on visiting New York City with
  • Where you actually intend on visiting

There will be a variety of options available to you dependent upon what mode of travel you ultimately believe would best suit your New York City trip planning endeavors. We will discuss these in my next installment of this Info Barrel article series. Array

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