African Rainmaker is a skill game available for play on The purpose of the game is to shoot clouds into a sky filled with different coloured clouds. If you make a group of 4 or more of the same coloured clouds, they fall out of the sky, creating the opportunity for more groups to automatically form after that as the clouds come together to fill the space of the disappearing ones. Each new group that is formed without shooting a new cloud into the sky increases the multiplier by one. Once you shoot the next cloud into the sky, the multiplier will reset itself back to 1x.

If you make a group of 8 or more clouds of the same colour, your next cloud shot will be a line blast cloud. Match this cloud in a group and it will eliminate the entire row it is on. It is an effective tool for making consecutive groups of clouds and eliminating black clouds so place it strategically on the board. You don't have to detonate it right away.

If you make a group in the form of a square, a drum is formed of the same colour at the bottom of the screen. You can have a maximum of 10 drums. A black cloud destroys the drum directly below it if you let it fall. It's not that hard to make drums so I am rarely concerned when that happens.

If a group of clouds of any shape is removed, it creates a jewel that falls towards the ground. If a jewel hits a drum of the same colour, it activates by starting to move. Activate 3 drums of the same colour and you will enter into Rainmaker Mode for the rest of the game.

Rainmaker Mode is extremely important when trying to rack up a high score because if a jewel hits a drum of the same colour, it will fire a Bengal Fire Blast into the sky, removing that column of clouds which makes it very easy to create long strings of consecutive groups. Continuous creation of jewels will enable multipliers above 30x as the jewels will eventually hit drums of the same colour creating more Bengal Fire Blasts and groups without you having to shoot more clouds into the sky.

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