Now you can play the Angry Birds app on Facebook. Learn how to play Angry Birds with this Angry Birds game guide. This  game has been very popular on mobile devices but not it comes to the popular Facebook platfrom. Play the Angry Birds app with your friends and fling your birds against the pigs and score points. The Angry Birds Facebook app is totally free so sit back and enjoy this fun Facebook game.

How to Play Angry Birds

If you have never played the game the concept is very simple. Take one of your birds in the slingshot and fling it against the structures and the pigs inside. As you knock down structures you'll score points. You'll need to knock everything down before proceeding to the next level and if you run out of birds the level will fail which requires you to start all over again. If you play the game each day, you'll earn special rewards for logging in. You can also buy special power-ups in this version of the game and there's a Facebook campaign to play through that contains fifteen exclusive levels. 

Aiming the Slingshot

If you're having toruble hititng the structures with your slingshot you need to angle the slingshot properly so your birds hit the targets. You can also hit one target and knock down others around it so sometimes it only takes one or two good shots before you complete the level. It might take you a few tries to get through some of the harder levels but just keep at it and angle the slingshot as you fire to increase your chances of a good hit. If you don't angle it properly you'll quickly run out of birds and the level will be over.

Angry Birds Game Levels

Angry Birds on Facebook

There are three main campaigns in Angry Birds that all contain multiple levels. The campaigns are: Poached Eggs, Surf and Turf, and Mighty Hoax. As you play through each campaign new levels unlock as you complete the previous one. You only get so many birds per level so be sure to use them wisely. You can use the powerups located at the top of the screen if you're having trouble with the level. The four power ups are: Super Seeds, King Sling, Sling Scope and Birdquake. The Sling scope helps you aim your slingshot better and the Birdquake provides an erthquake near the structure. Super Seeds increases the size of the bird that is currently in the slingshot. This directly increases the amount of damage the bird does. The King Sling is a power-up that increases the initial launch speed of all your birds which increases their damage and trajectory.

Angry Birds Game Interface

The game is easy to play and you can put it into full-screen mode for more play area. At the bottom right of the game screen you'll find the full-screen icon. Also on this interface is the credits icon, and an option to turn the sound on and off in the game. There's an option to invite your Facebook friends to play the game and you can view your inbox or shop in the game store. In the game the power-up icons are at the top of the screen. You can buy more powerups int he game store but this will cost you Facebook crredits and it's where the game makes it's money. In the game you can also send free gifts to your friends with the chnace to win a powerup.

Fun Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds on Facebook is a fun game and well worth playing. It's not hard to learn how to play Angry Birds and this Angry Birds Guide should of helped you get the feel for the game. Just remember to aim your birds carefully and use your powerups only when you really need them.

Angry Birds Screenshots

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