Banagrams is a fun new letters and word creation game in the tradition of the classic board game Scrabble. In this fun game, players race against one another to make crosswords out of their letter tiles. A hand of Bananagrams is fun, and spurs on kids and adults to be more creative as they compete to make words quickly. There are also many variations people have invented to put fun twists on the already clever game. On this article you'll learn how to play the Bananagrams game so you can participate next time your friends or family asks you to join in!

The Bananagrams game reviews have all been positive so far. The game features a total of 144 letter tiles which are to be face down when the game begins. If there's two to four players in the game, they each must draw 21 letters, keeping them face down. If there's five or six players, they draw 15 letters. Finally, if there's seven players or more they each must take 11 tiles. The game starts as one player says "SPLIT", and all players each turn up their tiles to see their letters. From there, everyone starts building words using their letters. These words can intersect and go vertical or horizontal. When a player has used all their original tiles up, they call out "PEEL", and draw a new tile from the remaining tiles. All other players must draw a tile as well. If a player finds that they can't play a particular letter tile, they can return it face down to the pile. Unfortunately this move will cost them because they must take three more tiles.The Bananagrams game continues until one player has no more letters left and shouts out "BANANAS!" The other players will check to make sure all words are spelled correctly and are real words. If they are, then that player wins. If there's any problem words, that player is called the "Rotten Banana" and loses the hand. All of their letter tiles are returned to the pile face down. The game continues until one player is able to win.

Some of the cool ways to vary the game are to make it a best of 5 hands or best of 7 hands, to figure out the final winner. Also, you can choose to make your game where players can only create words from a category, like food, entertainment or music. The game is pure fun and helps sharpen your creative side of the brain. Be prepared though, because the Bananagrams game is highly addictive and can go on for hours without anyone realizing how much time has passed!