How to Play CoasterVille on Facebook

Learn how to play CoasterVille with this game guide to the new Facebook amusement park building game by Zynga. This game allows you to build up your own amusement park complete with rides, decorations, businesses and other items.  Customize your own special ride such as roller coasters with individual segments.  Keep your guests happy and respond to their moods.  Build the best amusement park around with this fun game.

Playing the Game - Basics

CoasterVille isn’t a hard game to play and like most Zynga game sit has the annoying energy button so you can only do so much at one time. The goal is a simple one just construct up your own amusement park with rides, food booths, stores and other structures. You can expand to new areas and build a gain roller coaster if you want. One of the bet aspects of the game is the customized rides where you lay individual segments of a roller coaster or other ride and then change the shape as well as the color of each segment so you have your own unique ride in your park. As you play you’ll collect cash from businesses and use goods to construct structures. By adding new attractions and decorations you’ll raise your popularity rating which unlocks new items. Each item in the game store has its own popularity rating so you can see what the addition of that amusement park ride to your park is going to gain you.

Adding Attractions

How to Play CoasterVille on FacebookCredit: Taken by Author

The game has a number of attractions you can add to your amusement park area. These will bring guests into your park and keep them happy. There are many rides such as a ferris wheel, bumper cars, a roller coaster, and the typical carnival fare. One you reach a certain limit of structures you'll need to upgrade the front gate by asking Facebook friends or by using game cash to upgrade. You start with a bit of game cash so this is the best option to go with for gate upgrades.  All rides boosted  and when you boost a ride you'll gain popularity points. These points are needed to build new structures in the game. Boosting a ride will bring park patrons to the ride but if you do it too much the ride will start to smoke and may need repairs. Rides can also be upgraded to produce more coins or other items.

Making Money in CoasterVille

Making money in the game is simple. Purchase businesses like a hot dog stand, popcorn vendor, or a sunglasses shop as well as a ton of others. Add these to your amusement park and collect coins from the structures. By upgrading them you'll be able to collect more coins. Structures take time to fill up so be patient and you'll spend one energy point each time you collect your cash.

Custom Rides

The best part of the game is the ability to grow and expand a roller coaster. As long as you have room you can build it in segments until you have a giant roller coaster. You can change the segments to different angles, add color and make the coaster your very own. It’s the fun part of the game because each roller coaster is unique. It’s easy to redesign it once the coaster is built because you can change the segments around with ease. You can add several coasters to your park.

Fun Amusement Park Building Game

CoasterVille is one of the best Zynga games to date and it's fun to play. Later there will be a resort added to the game for further expansion. If you like roller coaster building games or just want to build a fun amusement park on Facebook then CoasterVille is well worth checking out.