Game Basics

Farmville 2 is the sequel to Zynga's first installment of Farmville where you inherit a fun down farm and then harvest plants, craft recipes, take care of livestock, and sell goods for coins to help you upgrade the Farmville farm.

It doesn't cost you a penny to play but it is possible to buy and earn Village Bucks which enable you to skip portions of quests and buy premium items and power-ups. Look to the top left of the screen to discover your coin and farm dollar balances and note your present level and expertise. At the top right of the screen you will discover your current balances of feed, drinking water, and fertilizer.

The first step in Farmville 2 is to create your avatar. Once your creative juices have flown and you're satisfied with the look of your virtual you, it's time to start farming. Click while on an empty plot to open the store and you'll be directed to the plant seeds tab.

Seeds and Water



It's time to choose the seeds you want to plant but make sure to observe how long they take to grow; tomato plants only take a minute to grow but wheat requires four hours before it’s harvest time.

Once you have chosen the seeds to plant, click for the empty plot. You can visit multiple plots of land to plant the same seed a numerous amount of times or you can click the general store button in the bottom left of the particular screen and seed another seed on a different plot.

Like any seed yours require water to flourish; simply click the spot you planted your seed and you can water them. You don't have an unlimited amount of water so if you run out you'll have to wait for the item to replenish itself. Once your plants are finished growing, click each crop to automatically create your inventory of produce.

You need to pay close attention to how long your crops take to grow because if you wait too long they'll die. In the event you don't get harvest them in time you'll have to clear the land before you can plant anymore seeds. The good news is you can hound a friend to visit your farm and help your crops back out of commission.


Besides your crops you'll be given some chickens as well. If you see a bubble over their head it's time to feed; if you don't have any feed you'll have to make some at the feed mill however, f you do have feed than simply click on the animal to feed it. To access the feed menu just click on the feed mill and any crops that can be turned into feed will be displayed here. Different crops yield different degrees of feed. As soon as you pick the crops to turn to feed just click the make button.

Fed animals provide resources which can be collected at the store where you can also purchase additional animals. Animals that you purchase will have to mature before that they start producing assets. Baby animals usually are fed from dairy bottles. Milk bottles can be given to you by friends or you can acquire those using

Crafting and Sales

Once your inventory is filled with crops and resources you have the task of figuring out what to do with them. Select the items you intend to sell and click on the sell button.

When you reach level five, a new choice for your produce becomes available but you must expand your Farmville farm first. You'll be able to click on an unavailable section of your farm to determine the requirements to unlock it. At this same level you will also be able to expand and unlock the kitchen. Once you have met the mandatory requirements you'll be able to craft quality recipes.

To begin designing recipes, click the kitchen which will open the crafting menu. There are a variety of recipes that one could create but only a couple will be unlocked at this stage in the game. Once you have all the materials to make a specific recipe just click on the make button. You’re not obligated to complete each step of the recipe; you can make flour and sell that or wait until you have all the materials necessary, and complete the recipe in full.If you find that you are running out of water too soon, you may want to build an additional well. You will unlock one well if you expand your Farmville farm but as your farm gets even larger you will need to have more water to take care of your crops. You can add animals to your farm by constructing a water trough which increases your maximum volume of animals by five.


Finally, be sure to visit your friends every day and help out on their farms too. You can gather bonus coins and items that you aren't able to build on your farm yet. If you want to speed up any time it takes for a crop to mature you have to purchase speed-grow, with your farm bucks.