Free Wii Game Scam

Even though the Wii console is the least expensive of all the game systems available, people are still searching for free Wii games. Anything with the word "free" attached to it will garner the attention of anyone really, especially video games fanatics. So is there a way you can find free downloadable Wii games? Yes. Are they all legit? No. In fact, some may even be illegal. There are a lot of scammers out there who say they have free games, but will ask you to pay an initial cost which really doesn't make any sense when you think about it. Using simple logic, you can pretty much assume that those sites are scams. They most likely get their downloadable content - whether games, music or movies - from torrent sites which are file sharing sites major businesses frown upon.

The Truth

These sites say one payment is all that's required for a lifetime of free games which really doesn't go along with the principles of capitalism. If a company produces a product, they sell it at a reasonable price, and if someone wants more of that product, they have to pay that same price each time. The free Wii game sites that ask you to pay an initial costs are just scamming you to unwittingly pay that one cost for the promise of unlimited games, when you could've instead gone to a torrent site for free Wii games.

An Alternative

So is there really a way you can download free Wii games without it being a scam and illegal? Yes, there is. How is that possible? Well, to find your answer, we'll need to visit a particular Wii channel. Awhile back, the Wii Internet channel used to cost 5 bucks, or 500 Wii points (Wii currency isn't all that great), but then they decided to make that channel free, and anyone who purchased the 500 Wii points to access the internet were entitled to a free NES game. So now that you're able to go online, you'll be able to find Wii game sites that don't require any upfront costs, but instead offer free games that can be played on your console.

A Few Free Game Sites

These games aren't the same quality as the ones you see in retail stores, but they are free nonetheless. They're arcade type games that you can simply find on the internet and can be played on any device. To be able to play them on your Wii console though, you'll need the Opera browser. Here are a few sites you'll want to visit:


  • Yatsha: This site is the best looking of all the other game sites. It's from a company named Yamgo which develops games from various genres for the site.

  • Wiicade: This site creates its own games and accepts upload from users. They offer shooter, puzzle and action games.

  • Wiiarcade: This site offers flash based games and has categories like casino, action, puzzle and skill. They also have flash remake of the classic Super Mario Bros. game.

There are many other sites you can play games free flash-based games from various developers. These sites are safer than a file sharing site and are free so you don't have to worry about being scammed.

carnival gamesCredit: amazon

Other Options

If you want a bit more quality, you'll have to pay for games at retail price. But there are cheap Wii games you can find on Amazon if really in a bind financially. Carnival Games is a popular game that isn't too expensive. It's been out for awhile so the price has been reduced, plus it wasn't all that expensive to begin with. Other inexpensive games include Game Party 3, MadWorld and Ghostbusters. Other ways to save money is to look out for Wii bundles. Otherwise, these ideas should help with your gaming needs.