Part 1: Buying Your Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

First Things First...

The first thing that you have to do before you learn to play guitar, is buy a guitar. If right now your thinking that you might want to rent a guitar, STOP! There are many reasons why not to rent a guitar that I will explain in a minute. Now obviously, you don't want to run out to a local music shop and buy an $800 guitar assuming you're going to be the next Jimi Hendrix, because chances are, you're not. You might not even like playing guitar once you start, in which case, you will probably be happier later on if you make a sensible purchase now.  

Buying Your First Guitar

The first thing you have to decide when buying a guitar, is what type of music you want to play with your guitar. If you want to play in a rock or metal band, you're going to need an electric guitar, but if you're going to be playing folk songs, you will definitely want an acoustic guitar. However, regardless of what type of guitar you decide to purchase, your first guitar should be less expensive (Under $100). When you are first starting any new hobby, you don't want to invest a lot of money into it until you are sure you will like it. The same goes with playing guitar, if you start out buying an expensive guitar, and you end up not liking it, you'll probably regret it later.  

Where To Buy Your Guitar

At this point, most people will run out to their local music store, buy a cheap guitar, and pay twice what it is worth. Don't buy a guitar from a music shop!! Every music shop, even ones that only specialize in guitars, sell them for about twice what the are worth. Buying online or even from Craigslist are much better options. I have found that is the best place to buy a guitar. They have some of the best prices, free shipping, and a great return policy. I have bought several guitars from Amazon and have been very happy with my purchases from there. 

Why Not To Rent

When first learning how to play a musical instument, many people will rent it from a music shop. However, This is a huge waste of money! It costs about $20-$60 per week to rent a guitar, depending on where you rent from, and most people will rent for about a month. This is a long enough period of time for a person to decide whether they like playing guitar and want to buy their own. However, while they were deciding whether they wanted to buy their own guitar, they wasted between $80-$240! At this point, this person still does not have anthing to show for their money, except maybe the ability to play a couple of chords. However, if this person had just bought an inexpensive guitar off of Amazon to begin with, they probably would have spent between $50-$100 and been the owner of a fairly nice guitar. 

Guitars I Recommend

Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
Amazon Price: $169.00 $83.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 6, 2013)
This is a nice guitar with an unbeatable price! I would recommend this guitar to anyone thinking about learning to play guitar. It also has great reviews!
Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag
Amazon Price: $169.99 $99.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 6, 2013)
For those looking for a slightly more expensive guitar right around $100. This is a personal favorite of mine! A good price that comes with Fender quality! Because of its great quality, you might still be using this guitar in 5-10 years down the road.


Well, this is the end of part 1 of my series on how to play guitar. Feel free to leave an questions in the comments section below!