Heralds of Chaos is a Facebook card collecting game. Players collect cards and play one of three factions. the battles in the game take place on a game map with characters which represent your cards. You can move these around and engage other NPCs or other players depending upon your game style. The game map is a grid which you move around on as you play. The NPC characters are scattered around on the map and you must defeat them to win. You can choose one of three factions and the game play will be slightly different with each faction. at the beginning there's a nice tutorial so you'll figure out how to play the basics of this game. Choose from the Kingdom of Avalon, Hellspawn and Flameborn factions.


Heralds of Chaos Game Map.
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Each battle in this CCG takes place on the game map. You have different units to choose from and you can summon those cards to move around as you locate the enemy. As you move you may be ambushed by the NPCS on the map. The combat is animated so it'not just all cards and there's some variety to the game play. you have typical tank cards, ranged cards,,and ones with special. Cards may have more than one ability. For example you may have several tank cards and ranged ones on one map and you can choose different attacks to defeat your enemies.

Once you hit level five you'll be able to take part in multiplayer. it's a good idea to get used to single player before you attempt any multiplayer games. it takes time to figure out exactly how the cards work. Make sure you work on your army as much as possible after a match if you lose.Often it's just a matter of choosing different cards or taking a different approach. you'll get cards even if you lose the match.

Army Customization
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You'll win the game by reaching 6 victory portals on the game board before your opponent does or by defeating the armies of your opponent. Move your units in groups around the map to find the portals but be wary of where your opponent is too. You'll need to fight as well you just can't go for the portals on the map. The world collapses around you as you play in cataclysms but your units won't be harmed.

Summoning your units and characters onto the map costs you mana so you need to be careful how much you use. Don't just call up a ton of cards you need to think about which ones you want to use.

  • Herald - This is your leader and he will appear first in the game world.
  • Attuner - this card needs to stay near the mana wells and will collect mana each turn. Move your attuner into the area with mana to collect it.
  • Scout - Use these units to explore the map. You can use them to find units and mana on the game map.
  • Spell - This is a spell  and they give you an advantage during game play.
  • Regular - these are regular fighters and you'll need a lot of these cards.
  • Hero – These are powerful units you can use duirng matches.


Heralds of Chaos is a fun collectible card game you can play on Facebook. There's a good mix of cards and the animated combat can be fun. It take ssome time to learn all aspects of this game but it's one you should try if your a fan of collectible card games.