Redneck frisbee is one of the funnest drinking games out there. The basic premise is to hold a drink of choice in one hand while throwing a frisbee at a beer bottle on a pole. Hence the name, redneck frisbee.

Redneck frisbee is played by either two or four people. For this article we will assume that four people are playing. To play the game you will need two empty beer bottles, two six foot tall posts, (specifications will be given later in the article) and one frisbee. Make sure the frisbee is your run of the mill lawn frisbee not a disc golf one. Disc golf frisbees are denser and could possibly shatter the beer bottle if hit.

Place the two poles about 40 feet apart straight up and down. The game is intended to be place on grass. Once you have to poles place in the ground firmly, pair off and each team goes to  their respective sides. One team on one side and one on the other. Stand the beer bottles up on the pole. You are now ready to begin endless hours of good ole fun!

Scoring for redneck frisbee is very similar to other drinking games. The idea is to be the first team to 21. Determining which team throws first is up to you. In order to score the throwing team needs to either hit the pole and make the beer bottle fall of, or the other team has to miss a catchable frisbee. For example, team one throws the frisbee and it misses the pole completely but the team that the frisbee is being thrown at misses catching the frisbee. Team one would then score one point. It is now team two's turn the throw. One of the players on team two throws the frisbee and hits the pole knocks the beer bottle off and both the frisbee and the beer bottle hit the ground. Team two would score three points for an action such as this. two points for the beer bottle hitting the ground, and one for the frisbee hitting the ground. There is a twist however. If either member of team one were to catch the frisbee or the bottle or both the points that team two would have scored would be negated.

A few rules that need to be remembered when playing. First and most important no rockets. It is no fun to throw the frisbee so hard that it is not catchable, or could hit the beer bottle and shatter it all over the other team. Rule two is that you cannot catch a frisbee in front of the pole. You have to let the frisbee hit the pole. Rule three you need to throw the frisbee behind the pole. The first to 21 or greater wins. The second most important and final rule is that you must at all times have a drink in your non throwing hand even when not on offense.

Pole construction:

There are no commercially available redneck frisbee sets. For that reason you will have to improvise and make your own poles. Construction is simple and only costs a few dollars. The best material to use for the poles is 1.5 inch PVC pipe you can find at any hardware or big box store. The poles need to be 6 foot tall. To make it easier to push into the ground cut the bottom of the polls so that they are tapered or angled.