Children worldwide practice this game, which is an age-old method of deciding which of two persons is chosen. It's an alternative to flipping a coin, and requires nothing more than each person's hand. It's such a convenient method of selection that many adults carry this practical practice into adulthood!

Things You Will Need

All two people need to use Rock, Paper, Scissors is for each to have a working hand!

Step 1

Rock Paper Scissors (30902)Each person makes a fist. Together they raise their fists into the air and bring them down in an imaginary hammer stroke, saying in unison with the first stroke, "Rock," and with the second stroke, "paper." The third stroke is the deciding stroke, so each person chooses according to his own desire to either stay with the fist, saying again, "rock!" or to open his index and middle fingers into the classic scissors gesture, saying simultaneously, "scissors!" or else he chooses to open his hand flat on the downward stroke, declaring, "paper!"

Step 2

The winner is decided according to this logic. Rocks crush scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper covers rock. Therefore, if one person's final gesture was a rock and the other person's scissors, the person with the rock gesture would win, as a rock crushes scissors. If one person used the scissors gesture as his third stroke, and the other, paper, the scissors gesture would win, for scissors cut paper. If one person used the rock gesture and the other paper, the paper would trump the rock, as paper covers rock.

Step 3

Occasionally two people will have the same final gesture. In this instance, you simply repeat the game, as many times as necessary until the ending gestures differ, and the winner is decided.

This is one of those childhood games that retains usefulness in adulthood, triggers nostalgia and always brings a smile. It is a great way to decide who goes first, who has to take out the trash, or who gets to drive the new car. It is interesting to note that versions of Rock, Paper, Scissors exist in many foreign countries. Versions of this game are played in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, China, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Fiji, Cambodia, Laos, Austria and Mongolia.

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