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Wolfenstein to many is the first ever game they played in the First Person Shooter genre. It was gritty, violent, ahead of it's time technically, and a ton of fun. Since it is an older game, there are a few steps needed to ensure that it works on your newer computer, wether it be Mac, Windows, or Linux. Follow the below instructions to get it working, and let us know in the comments how it went.
Step 1: Get and extract Wolfenstein 3D

If you don't own a copy of the game, you can download a copy of the shareware demo from 3d Realms Website.

When you download the game, you will end up with a .zip file that you need to extract. I use a program called 7zip to extract zip files. Extract the files to somewhere on your hard drive, call it wolf. Note the full path to your wolf folder, for example "C:gameswolf", which we'll call FULL/PATH/TO/WOLF

Step 2: Get Dosbox

Download and install a program called dosbox.

Dosbox is a cross-platform dos emulator that lets your computer run older dos based software and games. Once installed you can run this game and many others through a dosbox command window by mounting directories and iso files as virtual disks in your dosbox environment. Head on over to the dosbox download page, and download the correct version of dosbox, depending on your OS. Use the dosbox installer to install Dosbox.

Step 3: Install Wolfenstein 3D

Start Dosbox, and in the command window run the following command to mount the wolf folder you just created in the previous step:


Now change to your virtual C directory and run setup:



All the defaults should be fine, you should be able to hit enter until the setup completes.

Step 4: Run Wolfenstein 3D

To run Wolfenstein, run the following commands:


In the future, to run Wolfenstein 3D, you only need to run the following three commands:



C:>cd wolf3d




Be sure to visit the Dosbox forums for any tweaks and troubleshooting issues related to this game.