Farkle? How do you play Farkle? Well, it's a dice game that is kinda a mixture between Yahtzee and bunco. It's great fun for anyone who loves to play either of these two games. The best part is Farkle can be played with your family and friends in person, and it can also be played online along with other people or alone. Farkle is available as a board game, a facebook application, a palm game and on Wii. Many people also construct their own game using dice and call it 10,000.

Things You'll Need to Play Farkle:

  •     Online application or
  •     6 dice
  •     pen and paper
  •     players
  •     cup for dice

To play Farkle dice game as an application on facebook simply register or sign in under an existing account. Find the app on the bottom left hand corner if available. If not, click to browse applications until it's found.

To make a homemade game of Farkle simply gather a set of 6 dice and pen and paper for score keeping.

Gather the players, find online players or an game that has computer players. There is no limit to how many players can be in the game. For competition's sake, at least 2 people is best and for fun's sake, 4 is best. If many people

If playing at home, determine who will take their turn first. It's easiest to arrange the players to sit in the order of turns around a table.

To get the game started, the first person rolls all six dice at once. If it's impossible to hold the dice in the hands, a cup can be used to roll them. If that person does not score any points whatsoever, it's called a Farkle and the turn goes to the next person.

If the player has at least one die worth points, the player can bank the points and their turn ends and the points are recorded. Or, the person determines what dice they would like to keep out of the first roll. Then continue with the remaining dice to the second roll. If at least one of the die is a scorer, keep the desired die or dice out of that roll. If not, that is a Farkle and the previous points are lost. If there is at least 300 points, the points can be banked and the player can keep rolling as long as a scoring die is used or the points can be bank. With each roll the player risks the chance of a Farkle. If all six dice are used up, the player gets to start with six dice again. It is this persons roll until either they pass or Farkle.

Use the scoring chart to determine the scores, remember there has to be at least 300 points to bank:

  • Single 1 is 100pts
  • Single 5 is 50pts
  • Three of a kind of 1's is 1000pts
  • Three of a kind of 2's is 200pts
  • Three of a kind of 3's is 300pts
  • Three of a kind of 4's is 400pts
  • Three of a kind of 5's is 500pts
  • Three of a kind of 6's is 600pts
  • Straight combination of 1 through 6 is 1500pts
  • Three pair is 500pts or 750pts (depending on which version)
  • Two triplets is 2500pts
  • Four of a kind results in doubling the 3 of a kind points.
  • Some people will play that if three Farkles, three turns in a roll, the player will have to deduct 1,000pts.

This continues with all players and the game ends with either 10 rounds or until someone gets to 10,000 points. Have great fun learning how to play farkle!