The first time I tried to learn guitar, I thought how hard would it be? As I got myself the instrument, six strings are pretty neat but where do I start? I was a noob back then and the worst case scenario of a beginner is when he does not know where to begin. This article is not a step by step tutorial about playing the guitar that after reading this article you would exactly learn how to play it. If that would be your first impression better stop reading now. I don’t want to give you false hopes nor do I want to waste your time. What I will offer you are tips that would help you in your way to be a good guitar player. Tips that personally I found out when I was starting to learn guitar just like you. So if you are still there, let us start.

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Where Is Your Instrument?

TIP1: Finding A Guitar

           There are people whom I know that keep insisting that they want to learn to play the guitar but do not exert any effort to come up with a guitar. Either they can buy a guitar or find someone who could lend them one. I have a friend who requested me to teach him, how to play the guitar. I told him to buy one first, but he insisted he doesn’t need one. We only meet once a week since we are both busy academically. I taught him first the basic guitar grips and chords. However, each time we meet in his tutorial he would always ask me, “How again is G major?” It is a good laugh, as if we are going back to lesson 1 every time we meet. It is hard to learn to play an instrument if you have no access to that instrument. Furthermore, it is very difficult to teach about a certain instrument to a person who has no instrument of his own. I encourage you, if you really want to learn to play buy a guitar. Not all guitars are expensive, there are some guitars out there that does not cost that much. However, even if it would really cost you some money, believe me, you’ll find it cheap compare to what you will obtain in the long run.

What to do?

TIP 2: Musicians Golden Rule – Practice

           Practice makes perfect but nobody is perfect, so why practice? Okay, so practice cannot make perfect people but I do know that practice makes great musicians. Once you get yourself an instrument, now what you do? If you got yourself an instructor you need to know that they will give you only 40% of the learning. The other 60% will all be your effort. You must commit yourself to play the instrument at least once a day. Being lazy would do you no good. You must be familiarized with the instrument and there is no way of doing it but practicing. Well, we can keep ourselves vacant on a specific time everyday. When I was learning to play, I grab the guitar the very moment I have nothing to do. Before I sleep, the moment I wake up, after doing my assignments before going to school and so on and so forth. There are a lot of strategies to squeeze a time for the instrument of your choice. Do remember also that when your muscles are aching and your fingers are hurting it is then that you are in the point of “learning”. When I was starting out, the moment my fingers started to “swell” (ouch), it was the same moment, I learned to strum the G-chord with a very nice rung.

Tip 3: Finding the Encouragement

             You must find a thing that could motivate you to exert more effort in learning the musical instrument. It can be people whom you know, things, situations, etc. The more personal the form of motivation is the better. One motivation is simply the music. Choose the type of music or the specific song you want to play. Don’t force yourself to learn a song you are very unfamiliar with. Of course since you like the song you will end up playing it every moment you feel yourself vacated. Thus, you are motivated to practice.

Tip 4: Going Along

           One of the most effective ways of learning an instrument is playing it along with a certain song. In, guitar playing along will help you know the kind of strumming pattern and the chord transition of the song.

Tip 5: Step by Step

            I had a friend who wanted to learn the song “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down. I tried to teach him the chords, but he insisted that he want the plucking of the song. To make the story short, he never learned to play the guitar. There is a reason why learning is said to be a process. You cannot jump to level 2 without mastering level 1. Be patient, I know it is tempting to learn those intermediate guitar tabs but trying to learn it will result of your learning nothing. You need the basics as your foundation. Do not go rushing on things. Do it step-by-step and start with the basics.

Tip 6: A Guitar Heart

           They say love is the greatest motivation. If you really love playing the guitar, you will learn how to play it in no time. This is related to Tip 3, since through this you would find a motivation. Learn to love it or might as well love to learn it.


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