This article will illustrate why it is important to know how to polish laminate floors. If you are a proud owner of a house with laminate flooring, then by all means, read on!

A laminate floor has the look of hardwood, but it is constructed quite differently. In laminates, fiberboard or plywood is coated with a top layer of plastic.

It has its advantages, being known as a maintenance free alternative to other types of flooring. But unlike real hardwood, once worn or scratched a laminate floor cannot be refinished to look like new.

It is therefore advisable to keep a few things in mind for the easy maintenance of this floor type.

  • Dust and mop regularly. No matter how maintenance free a material is, basic cleanliness requires a bit of sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping.
  • This will also prevent your floor surface from being quickly worn and scratched by unswept debris and dust.
  • Once in a while, polish.
Here are 3 step-by-step instructions on how to polish laminate floors:

Step #1 You must choose the right kind of polish for a laminate floor. There are different types for different surfaces that will produce quite different results.

Step #2 Clean and prepare the area to be polished. Old wax must be properly removed before a new cleaning and polishing substance can be applied.

Step #3 Apply as with any polish. Wipe in thinly with level steady strokes. Repeat as necessary. Finish off with one last wipe using a clean rag Aside from knowing how to polish laminate floors, you will need to know other things to help you keep that floor clean and looking new.

As mentioned earlier, laminates are not immune to scratches. Preventive measures include regular cleaning, lifting heavy furniture instead of dragging then along the floor, using rugs and other floor coverings, and other such practical measures.

If, despite all these, your floor still bears the marks of heavy use, do not despair. There are products that have been developed for just such a problem. Laminate floor repair kits are a big help.

Sometimes, a whole section will show some sort of damage. In this case it is also possible to replace some of the laminate floor boards in a few easy steps. You can use these same steps with ceramic laminate flooring and stone laminate flooring as well.