Take control of your Garden

 Growing and picking fresh vegetables in your own garden is best. You will know that you are eating vegetables and fruit completely free from hidden chemicals. They are not only fresher but you have a never ending supply right at your fingertips.

If you find that your garden is not producing enough vegetables or fruit for the amount of plants you have growing then this article will help you understand why and how to increase the amount of fresh veetables that you produce.

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No Bees in your garden

You have done all the right things, dug a great garden bed, used the right fertilisers and even added mulch to help keep enough moisture in the garden throughout the summer heat. And yet those beautiful green pumpkins, cucumbers or other healthy plants growing in your garden beds are producing little or no fruit on them at all.

Lack of pollination

In many areas the birds and butterflies help to pollinate our gardens for us. We also need need lots of help from the bees as they are the experts at pollination.

Lack of bees in your garden is the main cause of reduced produce because they pollinate your plants the natural way. So if your garden is not rewarding you with enough fresh vegetables then continue reading for a simple way to improve the amount of vegetables you can grow. 

Yes, this will take a few minutes of your time every few days and I know that time is precious. But so is having chemically free fresh vegetables to pick from your garden to eat or to share with your neighbours. There is nothing better than nipping outdoors to pick fresh vegetables when you need them.


How to tell the difference between Male and female flowers at a Glance

You can tell the difference between the male and female flowers from a distance, because the female has the beginnings of the fruit growing underneath the flower. The male shows a stem only underneath the flower with a stamen inside.

Steps on how to Pollinate the female flower with the male flower

  1. Look for the female flower with the fruit showing underneath and open the petals

  2. Pick off a male flower and open its petals and remove the excess petals.

  3. Insert male stamen inside the female flower

  4. Close female petals over the inserted male stamen.

That's all it takes to pollinate your next pumpkin or vegetable of your choice and it was not very hard and yes it took only a few seconds to pollinate.

 Pollinate same type of produce

Never pollinate a pumpkin female flower with a male butter nut pumpkin or similar. Always pollinate with the same variety of fruit or vegetables.

This procedure will not only save you petrol driving to the shops, it will save you money buying those vegetables. Plus, you know you are eating them free of chemicals and these are local grown products not imported from who knows where.

These wine barrels would be ideal to grow tomatoes, 2 miniature fruit trees intertwined together or even cucumbers grown around a trellis.
It is amazing what you can do it garden pots or barrels

How to exercise and deter the white moths

White moths are so frustrating to any gardener. For years I have had a badminton or tennis racquet handy. Most of us need a little bit of extra exercise so why not arm yourself with a racquet and hit those dreaded moths.

You will be amazed how good you feel by taking that frustration out on the white moths, and reducing the chance of them laying their eggs on your fresh growing vegetables at the same time.The extra exercise should help reduce the waistline too.

Bottling that extra fruit and vegetables

Once you have this technique of propergating perfected you don't want to waste any vegetables so you might want to learn how to start bottling or freezing the extra ones that you cannot eat while fresh.

Gardening in a small area

A small back yard does not mean you cannot grow fresh fruit and vegetables. You can still grow them and miniature fruit trees in pots of varied sizes.

No planter pots then improvise

Not having pots is no excuse to not growing your own fresh vegetables. All you need to do is improvise by using what you have. Use old saucepans, wheelbarrows, boots, milk cartons to grow your beautiful fresh vegies.  Have fun improvising and best of all enjoy being out in the fresh air in your garden.

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