Looking Good in Photos

Some people are naturally photogenic, while others who may look fine in real life, often appear awful in photographs. This is because of the way light and shadow falls on the face. Some are lucky with the structure of their face and don't have much trouble looking good in pictures. Others, however, despair whenever a camera appears. The good news is that you can learn how to pose for photos. This greatly improves your chances of appearing more attractive in the resulting pictures.


Getting a new hairstyle that flatters your face can help make you look better in photos. Highlights and layers can help light and shadow fall differently on your face, making you more photogenic. For those with dark hair, highlights also help to add depth and volume to a hairstyle which can make you look more glamorous in pictures. Consult a hairdresser and discuss what is suitable for you before  you go for a photo shoot or an event where you are going to be photographed a lot.


Make-up can also help immensely when posing for photographs. Put blusher high up on your cheekbones and cover dark circles and red patches with spot foundation. Use lip gloss to make your lips look fuller and make your eyes look bigger with eye-liner and mascara.  


When posing for photos wear dark, non-shiny clothes on parts of your body that you don't want to highlight. Putting on a pair of high-heeled shoes will help you feel more sexy and improve your stance too. They also tend to make legs look longer and more shapely so can help improve your photographic appearance immensely. Standing with one leg forward across the other a little usually helps improve your pose too.


To look slimmer in photos, angle your body forward by a quarter of a turn and put your hand on the hip farthest away from the camera, or put your hands on both hips if you can't find a natural feeling place for the other hand. Don't slouch when posing for photos. Stretch your body as much as you can as this will make you look thinner. You should always try to look up at the camera. Shots from below tend to be unflattering. Also, angling your head up and forward a little helps make your face seem thinner and reduces the possibility of unsightly double chins showing up in the pictures.


Bright lights above you can cause shadows to appear beneath your eyes so avoid posing under them. If you are going to be photographed outside, avoid times of the day when the sun is overhead. Try to always pose for photos in soft lighting conditions if you can. Softer lighting tends to be much more flattering.

Learning how to pose for photos can help improve your appearance in pictures enormously. You don't, however, want to look like you are deliberately posing, so practice your positions at home until you become comfortable with them. Looking good in pictures takes work. Even models, who are lucky enough to be naturally photogenic (sometimes even when they look fairly ordinary in real life), have to have lots of photographs taken every shoot to get a few great ones. It's important not to become disheartened, or to begin to feel that you are unattractive. Once you have mastered a few tricks and learn to prepare yourself well, you should start to look good in photos.






Learning to Pose Like Real Models Improves Your Chances of a Great PictureCredit: wikipedia.orgCredit: wikipedia.org