If you haven’t done something like this before, it can be a bit odd, but you can be sure that plenty of people do post ads for travel companions. In fact, if you go to the right sites on the internet, you’ll find plenty of people posting this type of ad and you may not even have to post an ad of your own. Simply respond to an ad you’re interested in and you may just find a travel companion without doing too much work.

However, if you don’t find an ad that you like, you will need to post one of your own in order to find a travel companion. Follow the below tips on how to post an ad for a travel companion.

Post a travel ad not a personals ad

Some people make the mistake of formatting their ads the same way that a personals ad is formatted, especially if they want to travel with the opposite sex. Titles like “Female Companion Wanted” or “Searching for Male Companion” will give the impression of a personals ad rather than a travel one.

Instead of using these titles, make sure that you use a title that displays your objective. Use a title like “Searching for someone interested in traveling to Singapore” or any place you’re going to. Make sure you are descriptive as possible without making the title too long.

Be specific about where you want to travel

Aside from placing the destination in the title of you ad, make sure you indicate your destination in the body of the ad as well. Let readers know exactly where you are going and the places you want to visit. This way, they will both be interested and respond to your ad, or they can move on to another ad without taking any of your time.

Be specific about who you want to go with

In the body of your ad, make sure that you are specific about the type of person you are looking for. If you’re looking for a female or male companion, make sure to mention that and even an age range if possible. This is to avoid having to respond to people of the wrong sex or the wrong age range. You certainly don’t want to be discussing travel plans only to find out later on that you’re talking to the wrong person.

Post ads at reputable sites

Be careful where you place your travel companion wanted ads. Only choose reputable sites that really cater to travel related issues, especially ones that have an objective of matching people who want to find people to travel with. You may need to provide some personal details once you’re in a discussion with a person who responded to your ad, and you definitely do not want to give out personal information to just anybody on the internet. If you post you ad at a reputable site, you know that the members of that site are those who really want to find travel partner.