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     What image comes to mind when you think of Marine Corps Boot Camp? There are
certain requirements and standards that you will have to meet to earn the title “Marine”.
To prove that you belong to an elite warrior class, will require a tremendous amount of
sweat, sacrifice and twelve demanding weeks of Recruit Training. Are you capable of becoming a Marine? Before you make this commitment, find out what's required and learn how to prepare for the challenges.

     You need to physically train to endure a run at least 3 miles.  You should report to training able to run much further distances at a faster pace. You must also pass the Initial Strength Test. The requirements are 2 pull-ups, 44 crunches in 2 minutes for men. Females have to do 12 seconds flexed arm hang and 44 crunches in a time of  2 minutes. Male and female run the same distances during the run portion of the IST, but have different time requirements to complete it. Men must complete the 1.5 mile run in 13 minutes 30 seconds, while women have 15 minutes to cross the finish line. These are only, minimum standards, and the run portion of the IST is normally administered last. You can work on these things with your recruiter or other people who are preparing for Boot camp.You can also talk to your recruiter about the requirements for earning one level of rank before you arrive at boot camp. This will be very helpful to attain rank before you arrive at your duty station. You can also receive rank in Boot camp for being the Guide and Team leaders. These titles will usually be held by  the people who are the first to volunteer for whatever needs to be done. They basically help other recruits and make the Drill instructors job a little easier. You can also receive rank before you get to your first assignment by being a Guide or a Team leader.
     When you make a choice about what your job title will be and your first duty
station. Do not sign the contract as “Open” contract. Many people get to their first duty station or Boot camp under the impression, they can choose job assignments as an
"Open" contract enlistment. Make sure that the job title that you choose to perform is what
you signed for on your contract. You need to make sure of this before you ship out for
Boot camp. If you enlist in the Marine Corps as "Open" contract, your job title is filled
according to  Marine Corps staffing needs. You will have no knowledge of what your job
title will be until you finish MCT. Marine Combat Training which is about 1 month-long,
which will be after boot camp.
     A few things that you should learn before you leave home  are Marine Corps History and
General Orders. While you are in Boot camp at any time your drill instructors may ask you
Marine Corps Knowledge and your General Orders randomly. You should prepare to know the material. You could end up distraught with a screaming Drill Instructor in your face.
     Every recruit begins on the bus in the dark of night not knowing what to expect, then the 
bus finally stops. These memories are vague for some but unforgettable for others. You are
given instructions by a towering statuesque figure. Informing you of your very next move and to stand on the same iconic yellow footprints tens of thousands of Marines have stood upon before you. Not every recruit will be standing at graduation. It all starts as a Drill Instructor explains the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Then, you will be issued gear and undergo a number of medical evaluations. You will do the Initial Strength test and will report to the barracks and meet your permanent Drill Instructors for the first time.


     The twelve week Boot camp will include the process of recieving. In the beginning you will be extremely exhausted and the shock of being in this very different environment. Your every move will be ordered and it is surreal.

Enforcing a daily routine of discipline

      Drill Instructors use every moment of the daily routine to teach and enforce discipline and teamwork. Recruits learn to move as a unit while quickly completing basic tasks. This will be a mystery to some  recruits. Some pick up the process faster and others may not. If you move at your own pace and not at the pace with the platoon or faster. You will be certainly ousted and given extra instruction. Daily routine includes things like getting into your footlocker to get the things that you need in the morning. You need to stay calm because every morning shouting Drill Instructors , kicking footlockers are going to wake you up. Some people will pay the price for not keeping up. You will be given a certain amount of time every morning to have everything complete and you at the end of your bed with your money valuable bag.

Bayonet assault course

     Drill instructors teach recruits how to properly use a bayonet to eliminate an opponent.
After bayonet training, recruits will be able to attach a bayonet quickly before charging towards an aggressor. If you did not know you had some fury to unleash, you can definetely unleash at this time.You will also want and need to do so.

Pugil Sticks

     One of my favorite events. Facing opponents for the first time, for many recruits, pugil stick training will be the most intense physical combat they have ever experienced. They have to learn to act despite fear to outmaneuver and overpower an opponent. There will be more tips for how to prepare for Boot camp to come. There will be more physical and mental challenges in Boot camp than you could ever imagine. You will be able to overcome these challenges and you’ll realize that you are more awesome than you have ever been in your life. 

  For a Marine, quitting isn't an option in combat or in life.This is something that you will learn as you continue your journey through boot camp. You will learn techniques which will prove valuable and necessary to become a Marine.  Close Combat Training will be a requirement and there are five colored belt levels that you can earn. They are tan, grey, green, brown and black. Every recruit is required to qualify for his or her tan belt. This will be an extremely physical and exciting part of training if you like throwing your weight around. 

      The recruits will take part in rappelling exercises. These exercises help prepare you for deployment from helicopters, navigating difficult terrain and gaining access to buildings during raids. If you are afraid of heights, this will be one of the many challenges in Boot camp. You will learn to overcome your fears and prove that you can handle every obstacle Maybe you’ll see the gentler side of your Drill Instructor. 

     As the weeks go on, things will get easier. There will be a swim qualification and you will learn rifle safety and techniques. A rifleman has complete control over their rifle and their body at all times and every Marine is a rifleman. You will learn how to shoot from every firing position: sitting, kneeling, and standing and in the prone. Drill Instructors will watch recruits closely . This will be a tense time during boot camp because the male and female recruits will coexist in the same area. All female recruits, regardless of their geography, train at Parris Island. Regardless of which Marine Corps Recruit Depot you reach, the path ahead is equally intense.

     Focus and confidence will be needed to overcome obstacles and simulate tactical scenarios. During week nine, Drill Instructors build confidence in recruits by motivating them to overcome the unique challenges of the Confidence Course. During Day Movement exercises, you will learn to stay together as a group in simulated tactical scenarios and ensure the safety of others in your group. Drill Instructors show recruits how to respond to situations on the battlefield and complete the mission together.

The Crucible

     The infamous Crucible will be 54 continuous hours of physical and mental challenges. This is the last phase of Marine Corps Recruit Training that tests every skill you’ve learned and every value instilled. You will be challenged for fifty-four continuous hours with little food and sleep. To complete this final test, you need the heart,  body and the mind to succeed. You must have the desire to pull together or fall apart to complete most obstacles. Win as one or all will fail. Succeed, and you will carry a sense of accomplishment that will last forever

The Emblem Ceremony

     The mission will be complete and you will have achieved your goal of conquering all challenges and Marine Corps history and traditions. Receiving the Eagle, Globe and Anchor at the end of The Crucible. You will march to the Emblem Ceremony where Drill Instructors present their platoons with the Marine Corps Emblem, and you will officially be a Marine. Those who prevail after twelve demanding weeks will emerge completely transformed, ready to defend our nation and each other.

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