Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year for sales and savings. If you have never been Black Friday shopping, you may be in for a big surprise if you are not prepared. November 27, 2009 is the day that Black Friday falls this year. If you have already been Black Friday shopping, you understand the excitement of Black Friday Ads and Flyer anticipation. You may already have a method of preparing to shop on Black Friday 2009 or you may not. Below is a list of steps to aide you in preparing for the holiday shopping, including how to dress appropriately, how to get the best bargains and deals, see the Black Friday flyers in a advance and how to even purchase merchandise at the Black Friday price before Black Friday 2009 even starts.

Things You Will Need

patience and determination

Step 1

Plan ahead for Black Friday. Pick your outfit according to the weather. If you live in a cooler climate wear layers of clothing that you can peal off if need be. It can get really hot in a store when there are numerous shoppers trying to get the same Black Friday Bargain. Pick your shoes wisely. If you intend to be shopping all day long, you will want the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear while you are out in the madness of bargain hunters. You may want to consider wearing a hooded sweatshirt or heavy sweater while shopping. Forget being fashionable, instead be sensible. The pocket in the front or a hooded sweatshirt is a great place to store your cell phone, walkie talkies or even a soda, this will allow you to be hands free while attempting to grab the most valued Black Friday bargains or sale items. Depending on how early you get up to shop, you may want to have a pot of coffee in your car, along with an umbrella to be prepared for rain or snow.

Step 2

Go online and get yourself a Black Friday countdown page. You can find these free with the search engine and design your Black Friday 2009 countdown page to suit your style. Sign up online for Black Friday flyer email alerts. Yes they are out there. Do a search on the internet using the words Black Friday or Black Friday flyers or Black Friday got a deal.  There are several web sites that specialize in Black Friday flyers. You will find word forums and flyers posted as early as three weeks before Black Friday.

Step 3

Pick a friend or friends to share this shopping adventure with. Use walkie talkies or cell phones to communicate in the stores, or use both. Sometimes, it gets tough to get a clear cell signal in a store when hundreds of people are using their phones at the same time. If you have never been out on Black Friday to catch the door busters sales, you may be in for a surprise. It can be chaotic and you may not be able to see or hear your shopping buddy that is only a few feet away.

Step 4

Get up early on Thanksgiving morning and go get a newspaper. Get several newspapers. Sometimes people steal the Black Friday ads out of a paper, leaving you feeling slighted. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also in the Thanksgiving paper you may find one or several phenomenal Black Friday 2009 coupons. The papers get bought up quickly on Thanksgiving, because everyone is after the coveted Black Friday flyers.

Step 5

Spend Thanksgiving evening viewing and reviewing your store flyers. You may want to have your shopping buddy present so you can develop a shopping game plan. Since there are so many stores, with so many flyers you might want to consider cutting and pasting merchandise from your store flyer(s) on pieces of paper to create your own flyer for each retailer. This may actually help you stay focused while you are out shopping on Black Friday in the wee hours of the AM. In addition to bringing all the Black Fridays flyers with you while shopping, have a shopping list in your pocket or purse. Have members of your family, that are not going shopping with you, circle the items in each flyer that they would like to receive as a Christmas gift.

Step 6

Leave your children at home. Black Friday shopping can get a bit dangerous at times. Small children may get trampled or stomped in the rush of bargain hunters. Teens

may think that they are strong enough to fight off the mad shoppers, but is anyone ever fully prepared for the possibly of violence over sale items?

Step 7

Pack snacks in a bag the night before. Have breakfast and possibly lunch in your car. If you take the time to dine, you could miss that fabulous Black Friday purchase that you were hoping to get.

Step 8

Get up really early on Black Friday morning. Know what time the first and second store open that you are planning to go to. Store hours usually vary the day after Thanksgiving. If you are aiming to get the most coveted sale item, then get to the store before it opens. You may even want to consider getting to the retailer several hours before the store opens so that you can be closer to the front of the line.

Step 9

Use the internet on Thanksgiving Day, if you do not want to venture out on Black Friday. Got to the online website of the retailer where you want to get the best bargain. Not all of the deals will be online, however many will be. Sometimes, the Black Friday prices are not online until later in the evening on Thanksgiving Day. Check the cost of shipping before you make your purchase to ensure you know what you are paying for. Some sites will even have the Black Friday sale items at the sale price before Thanksgiving Day, so do your homework.

Have fun, Black Friday only comes once a year.

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