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Do you know how to entertain your friends with delicious homemade French fries easily? The answer is preparing and serving a delectable meal. French fry is a popular delicacy that is served as meal or as a snack. This delicious meal can be bought at restaurants and even in some cafes. The popularity of this meal is marked by its flavor as well as its nutritional value. Once you take a bite, you will definitely order another plate right away. However, a lot of people who consume this delicacy don’t know that they can easily cook it in just a few minutes at the comfort of their own homes. In this article, I will explain how one can make and serve homemade French fries in a few minutes.

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There are only four ingredients you need to make homemade French fries. These ingredients are potatoes, oil, salt and pepper. However, you may need some seasoning when you are done. The best thing about making French fries yourself is that you get to choose all the ingredients and you can therefore make the French fries not only delicious but also healthy.

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How to prepare potatoes

You should wash and peal your potatoes for a good texture and flavor. It is recommended you peel the potatoes using wedges. If you don’t have this device, you can peel the potatoes yourself. However, you should make sure you slice the potatoes evenly. When you’re potatoes are not sliced evenly, some will end up overcooked before others are cooked. It is advised you use russet potatoes as they have a much better flavor as well as the color after cooking.  After cleaning and peeling your potatoes, soak the potatoes in hot water to get rid of the scratches as well as prevent caramelized sugar. For optimum results, let your potatoes soak for about 15 min. You can now start preparing your oven. Preheat the grill and ensure you set it to the required temperature. This will allow the fries to cook without overcooking or even burning. Pat the potatoes with a paper towel to ensure that they are completely dry and place them in a large bowl. You can now add some salt to the fries and stir them up to distribute the salt evenly. Add some pepper as you desire and thereafter some oil. It is recommended that you use peanut oil to make prepare homemade French fries. However, you can opt to use any other type of cooking oil.

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Deep fry French Fries

Place some oil in the oven and allow it to heat. You can then add the sliced potatoes to the hot oil. Make sure you don’t put too much French fries as they will not cook well. Allow the French fries to cook until they are brown and crispy. Overcooking the French fries will make them dry. We need the fries to be crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. You should therefore check them regularly and remove them as soon as they are golden in color. It usually takes about 40 to 60 min for the homemade French fries to be ready.

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Serving homemade French fries

After the French fries are cooked, season and serve them immediately. You can also opt to serve the homemade French fries with tomato and chili sauce to spice them up.