How to Prepare Your Child for 1st Grade

School is starting soon and you don’t know where to start and how to act for preparing your child and yourself. When it comes to first day of school, parents get even more emotional and stressed then children do. Usually parents worry because they don’t think their kid is ready for this big change: will he be able to do his homework? What teacher he’ll be having? Will he make new friends? First days of school can be pleasant memories for your child, or terrifying ones.

So, how should we prepare our child for first grade?

First step

Don’t underestimate him. He might be a sensitive kid, who hardly adapts to changes, but they all are. 1st grade has a special system of learning, easy for kids to assimilate, and it is a lot like kindergarten, they still will be playing and coloring. It’s very important that you encourage him, and say that he will make a brilliant student. All children want to grow up FAST, so tell him that a part of growing up and become an adult is to have responsibilities. If school’s starting doesn’t mean it’s the end of playing, it means that besides playing, he’ll be having responsibilities like homework. This way you don’t scare him and might make him enthusiastic about this idea.

Second step

It is important that you introduce your child to the new rules he’ll have to fallow in school. How many hours he’ll be spending there and how many breaks he’ll be having. Tell him about eating and drinking, or going to the restroom. He has to know these things, otherwise he might get embarrassed in his first days. Explain to him that his teacher will not be able to take care only of him, like at home. He will need to manage alone with small problems. And you will be there if something goes wrong.

Third step

If you can, go for a walk with him near his school. Show him where his class will be. Make him feel comfortable about this new place. If it’s possible, meet his new teacher before classes. It is important that he gets used with this new environment.

Fourth step

When you want to go shopping for things he’ll be need at school, take him with you. Let him choose what crayons he likes. Use these things at home for few days. Let him know what they are for and how to use them.

Fifth step

 Develop better communication with your child. Talk to him about his thoughts and fears. Tell him how you experienced primary school. Also tell him some funny stories, what you liked and what you didn’t. Talk with optimism and enthusiasm. Don’t scare him with negative things like “you’ll be having a lot of homework to do” or  ” it’s really hard to wake up early every day”. Show him an interesting book about what he likes, for example dinosaurs. Tell him that he will learn more about it at school. Also let him know that a lot of activity will be fun: he’ll be playing with classmates, coloring, drawing and even learning to write a postcard.

Last step

If your child needs, manage his sleeping program, so he’ll get used to it few days before school. Otherwise, if he’s sleeping until late, he will be quite tired in first days.