The summer months are falling behind us and those chores we put off need to be completed before the leaves start to fall again. The maintenance on a home and lawn are what keep things looking fresh and beautiful when spring flowers bloom again.

Things You Will Need

Lawn Fertilizer
Work Gloves
Ice Melt

Step 1

Remove the clutter in the gutter. After last fall, there could be some debris left in the gutters. Even if the fall leaves were cleaned away, leaves continue to fall in the summer months. These leaves will often be dry and brittle which means a Shop Vac or Leaf Blower may work wonders to remove clutter.

Step 2

Roof inspection - ten hut! It is important at the beginning of every fall season to take a walk on the roof or at least a look around the shingles or roofing material. You are looking for any cracks or damage that has occurred in the last year. This damage could lead to water leaks into the home which costs more to fix that a missing shingle.

Step 3

Give the lawn some love. The lawn has worked hard to stay bright and green all summer. A little fall fertilizer works wonders to prepare the lawn for next spring. Closer to winter, there are winter protection fertilizers that can also be used to keep the lawn healthy in the coldest of weather.

Step 4

Stock up on winter weather supplies. It may still be early enough to catch some deals on ice melt and sand before winter hits. Check the local mom and pop stores to see if they have inventory left from last year.

Step 5

Keep a friend on hand at all times. No ladder work, or lawn work - for that matter - should be completed alone. Always have a friend around to hold the ladder when climbing to inspect the roof and gutters. The same friend can also push the lawn fertilizer while you drink a cold glass of lemonade. Fall home inspections are the right way to keep a house happy all year. If you love your home, give her a little attention before the weather turns and the leaves begin to fall.

Tips & Warnings

NEVER climb a ladder without a spotter.